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10 Best Bee Repellent Plants

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Here are some bee repellent plants that work and can help you fight with the bees and save you from their stings. 

Yes, breaking their hive or smoking them may not repel them completely from your house or yard, but planting a few plants may do the job in the long run.

Plus, not only that these plants will also help repel all kinds of insects and bugs from your house and keep the area clean and fresh. 

You will attract beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden because of these plants. And, they look amazing and can enhance the landscape design in the yard.

So here are those plants that you should plant in your garden.

Bee Repelling Plants

Best Bee Repellent Plants for You

One more thing before I start, I love honey and if you like me, do not repel them. First, get the honey and then remove it only if it disturbs you or stings you. 

No matter how high the price you pay, you will never get raw honey from the market.

And, you will notice that the sweetness in the raw honey is 10x better than the market honey as per my experience. 

For your good health and immunity get the raw honey first and then repel them. 

If they are not honey bees, then you are free to do whatever you want. So here we go.

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1. Lavender

Plant lavender in your garden. These plants have a strong scent that bees do not like and will not get juice from them.

Yes, they will attract butterflies as they are beautiful and rich in color, but will repel bees.

Some people also use lavender oil as pest control in their houses. If you rub the flower by hand, it will produce more scent and will work faster in removing bees.

Just plant it and you will see slowly those bees are moving away.

2. Mint 

Mint is another popular pest control pants and a remedy for many people as medicine. It can repel mosquitoes, bugs, and obviously bees and wasps.

Mint leaves have a strong aroma, more powerful than lavender that bees can not tolerate. Plant it in a pot and place it near the bee hive and you will see the result in a week.

carpenter bee on floor
Judy Gallagher on Flickr

3. Marigold

Marigold is another beautiful flower that people use in their garden as a pest control plant and to beautify their garden area as it looks amazing in the sunlight because of the yellow color.

Plant these in your garden to repel bees and wasps completely.

4. Citronella

If you ever encounter mosquitos then you may know this plant as this one of the best to repel mosquitoes. The scent citronella procure is very unpleasant for bees and other pests. 

They will never tolerate this for food or for a nest. But it needs a warmer climate to grow. If you have it then grow them to repel bees or choose another bee repellent plant.

5. Rosemary

Rosemary is another beautiful plant that people use inside their homes, not in the garden. But who is stopping you from planting them in the garden?

Rosemary oil is the #1 choice for pest control. People use it with water to repel pests from their houses and it is good for hair growth and also as medicine.

So plant them in the garden or in the house and see how the scent repels bees completely.

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6. Geraniums

You may not know this plant or should I say flower. But it does repel bees in large quantities. It also looks beautiful because of its red color.

Plant them near the bee hive and they will leave soon.

7. Cucumber

No need to talk about cucumbers as you know it. Just plant them in your backyard as vegetables for salad and you will repel bees and other flies from the area.

8. Cloves

Clove is very good as a DIY spray as they mix it with lemon to repel pests. Plant a few clove plants in your garden now.

9. Pitcher Plant

They call it the Bee Eater. Just plant it in the garden and slowly they will trap and eat the bees. Yes, it will take time. Okay!

10. Eucalyptus

The plant Eucalyptus releases a powerful scent that no bees can withstand and growing them is also easy. Go for it.

Some Extra Tips to Grow the Plants

bee and wasp repelling plants
Chic Bee on Flickr

You must take care of those plants and provide the evening they need in order to grow and release the scent that you need to repel bees and also create a beautiful design in your yard.

  1. Plant them in a way that creates a design. Do not just plant them anywhere. Find a spot that will have the most effect on bees and also improve your landscape design overall.
  2. Avoid chemicals as they can also damage your plants.
  3. Cut grasses and weeds around them so they can get the needed sunlight.

In simple words, take care of those plants and they will take care of the bees. Simple!

carpenter bee
Charles J. Sharp CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

My Recommendations

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Last Words

So there are the best bee repellent plants that you can get for your garden. Yes, there are many more plants and flowers but I have chosen the best five that are commonly used. 

If you do not like them, it is okay my friend! You can choose other plants but these plants in the list work the best. I leave that to you. Good luck.

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Bee repelling plants
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