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10 Best Snake Repellents That Work Marvelously

We have a pond near our house and the surroundings are pretty scary as it is filled with a small jungle.

We had to fight with snakes once every 3 months especially when it was raining and that was not good.

But now we have not seen a single snake in our yard for more than five years. But how?

That is all this article is about. I will give you my personal seven snake-repellent ideas that really work in any circumstances. Just use them as I did and those snakes will be gone.

But first know this. These snakes are coming to your yard for food. They eat mice, rabbits, bird eggs, and other small animals.

No matter how hard you try, if you have the food they will come.

So first remove the food source and then use the following ideas to repel them.

1. Keep Your Yard Clean Always

Keep the Yard Clean and Tidy

Snakes love to hide in the bush and thrive in the moist area. Do not give them that. Cut your grasses short and remove their hiding places.

Cut any big trees or short the branches, so that your whole yard can get sunlight and get dry.

By maintaining a clutter and debris-free yard you are discouraging those snakes from coming to your yard and staying. So clean it now.

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2. Seal All the Entry Points in the Fence Line

Seal All the Entry Points

Those snakes normally come through the hole beneath the fence line. Find it and close it. Plus also look for mouse tunnels that go outside. Close them also to repel snakes.

Not only in the fence line but also in each and every part of your yard, inspect and close all the holes you have found. 

So that no snake can hide or live in there. And no mouse can make a nest and become food for those snakes. So close them as soon as possible.

snake in the bathroom
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3. Plant Snake Repelling Plants 

Plant Snake Repelling Plants

You can also plant some snake-repellent plants like marigolds, lemongrass, garlic, catnip, and rosemary to repel them. These plants will create a natural barrier for them. 

The scent these plants release is intolerable for snakes and other pests that live in your yard. But you must place them strategically so that no area remains open for snake entrance.

4. Attract Natural Predators to Kill those Snakes

Attract Natural Predators

Natural predators like Hawks or cats are super effective in killing those snakes. Just lure them with food and let them know that they can get more food if they come to your yard regularly.

Snakes will get scared and will leave the yard almost instantly. Those predators will also eat mice and reduce your workload in repelling snakes from your yard. 

5. Create Vibrations in the Yard

Create Vibrations in the Yard

Get a motion vibrator or a machine that makes a magnetic sound to repel those snakes. 

The machine will sense when the sneaks come close to it releasing a vibration that will harm them as they are super sensitive to it.

The vibration will disrupt their sense of security and make your yard safe from snakes, mice, moles, and raccoons. So buy and install it as it does not cost that much. 

snake at yard over wall
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6. Use Natural Snake Repellent Sprays 

Use Natural Snake Repellent Sprays

You can build a natural snake repellent spray at home using essential oils, vinegar, or whole cloves. 

Just mix those oils with water and spray in your yard. The mixture will create a scent and the vinegar will burn their skin if they ever crawl over it.

Spray it where those snakes hide normally and you will see fewer snake problems in your yard. I think this idea is the most common one that people use to repel snakes.

7. Remove their Food Sources 

Remove their Food Sources

Now it’s time to talk about the food sources in detail. Do the following:

  • Kill all the rodents and small insects that live in your yard.
  • Feed your pets inside the house.
  • Transfer the bird’s nest somewhere safe.
  • Clean your trash can regularly.
  • And do not throw food everywhere.

Food will attract mice and mice will attract snakes. It is all connected. So follow these and you will have no snake problems.

8. Spray Pesticides

Go to your nearest market and buy a pesticide that can kill all the insects and bugs in your garden.

That way those frogs, lizards, and mice will not come to your yard for food.

And the snake will look for them somewhere else.

9. Repel Frogs from Your Yard

I want to specify the frogs.

Frog is their favorite food. If you have a wet outfield, a dirty garden area, and a backyard pond with a lot of frogs and tadpoles then know snakes will come to hunt them.

Clean them off right now.

10. Flood the Mice Tunnels

If you have mice tunnels in the yard then the chances are the snake is hiding there. Flood them right now so they do not get a home to hide and hunt.

Last Words

These are some of the best DIY hacks that can help you to repel snakes. Again does not give them the food they are looking for. Make them hungry and make them leave. I wish you luck.

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