how to get rid of moles

How to Get Rid of Moles in the Yard

If moles are damaging your yard and making a big mess, then here is your solution. I will share how to get rid of moles in the yard using a few homemade and professional ideas that you can implement easily.

But first, you need to know why those moles are living in your yard in the first place. The answer is they are looking for food, and your yard has plenty of them.

What food? Moles primarily eat earthworms, larvae, insects, and other bugs that live in the wet soil. If your yard has these food sources, then those moles will come. 

But not anymore, after reading these simple mole-repellent ideas.

How to Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard Easily

How to Get Rid of moles in the Yard

Okay, before you learn how to get rid of moles, you must wear a glove, get on a face mask and use eyewear to protect yourself from any kind of diseases and skin damage. So let us begin.

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1. Eliminate their Food Source

Eliminate the Food Source of those moles

First, eliminate their food source by removing all the worms, insects, and bugs from your yard. 

Plus, use some pest control spray like vinegar, boric power, and a mixture of soap and detergent as a pest control to remove them.

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No matter how hard you try, those moles will not leave and hide under the earth if they find food there. 

That is why, you must force them to leave and search for food in a different place away from your house.

2. Set Up Mole Traps

Set Up Mole Traps

After removing the food source, set some mole traps just like rats. These moles are not too different than rats that live in your yard. You can use a similar approach to repel these moles.

You can those metal rat traps and lure them to earthworms in there. Then catch and throw them far away from your house. 

I would recommend you should not kill them if you have options. Just throw them away.

3. Create a Strong Mole Bait 

Create a Strong Mole Bait

If the trap ideas fail and you see moles still roaming about and making a big mess in your yard, use mole bait.

Mix some boric power or diatomaceous earth power with the worms and throw them in their holes. They will eat them and die that night. But be careful with these worms and the mole hole. Handle with care.

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4. Fence Them Out with Rocks and Plants

Fence moles Out with Rocks and Plants

Yes, you can create a wooden fence to block them, but that may not work as the fence will remain above the ground. But it may help if you have one in your yard.

I would say, dig a deep hole in your fence line and put stones in there as an underground fence. So that those moles can not break it through. 

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You can also plant onions or garlic in that area to repel them, as these are natural pest control plants.

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5. Get an Ultrasonic Mole Repellent Device

Get an Ultrasonic Mole Repellent Device

The ultrasonic mole-repellent device is quite popular if you want instant removal. The device releases a high-pitched sound that moles can not tolerate.

Not only them, but these sounds can also help your repel snakes, rodents, and insect from your yard in a quick time. 

These devices also can change the frequency to mislead them not to get used to the source wave. Get one of these devices, and you will see fewer moles in your yard.

6. Remove Moisture in the Yard

Remove Moisture in the Yard

As I have said earlier, these moles love moisture. So, do not give them that, and remove all the moisture in your yard as fast as you can.

Clean your yard, cut grass, remove the standing water, remove all those worms, and let the sunlight make it dry. Then you will see those moles are not roaming around anymore.

You can also use mulch to make the yard dry all the time and help reduce the worms and insects in the yard.

7. Hire a Professional Mole Repellent

Hire a Professional mole repellent

If nothing works and those moles still make a mess in your yard, then it is time you call a pest control professional who resolves this issue once and for all. 

How to Repel Moles for Life

How to Repel Moles for Life

Here is the list of what you should do next to remove those moles for life.

  • Use mole-repellent plants.
  • Plant onion to repel them.
  • Remove their food source.
  • Remove moisture from the yard.
  • Use pest control spray all over your yard.
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Treat them like rats and clean your yard every week. Those moles will leave your yard soon.

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Last Words

So this is how to get rid of moles in the yard in a few days. Use protective gloves and a mask not to attract some skin damage. And do not kill those moles if you have other options. I wish you the best of luck.

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