How to Get Rid of Flying Ants in House Naturally

How to Get Rid of Flying Ants

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So how to get rid of flying ants in the house for life? I will give you some homemade ideas that are easy to create and super effective in removing those flying ants in your home and yard.

But let me tell you, those flying ants in your house roaming around are just normal ants with wings. They are adult male and female ants looking for a new colony to settle in.

The funny part is the female ants, also known as queen ants, bite their own wings and cut them down after settling in a new colony.

It is maybe she does not want to travel the air anymore). These ants are also known as Alates or Drone ants and are harmless. 

How to Get Rid of Flying Ants in the House
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Why do Flying Ants Suddenly Appear

If you see that suddenly a huge amount of flying ants are roaming around your house, then know that they are searching for a nest.

The previous nest was destroyed by predators or humans, and they are looking for a new place to settle in.

Do not let them settle down there. Use the below steps and get rid of them before they invite more ants into your house.

Black vs Red Flying Ants

Black vs Red Flying Ants

The main difference is that red ants are aggressive toward humans, but not black ants. They just roam around the house and collect food.

But red ants will attack you in large numbers if you disturb their workflow.

Why do Flying Ants Suddenly Appear

In simple words, be aware of red ants and do not kill black ants as they are not that harmful unless you do something really bad like killing their friend or destroying their nest.

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How to Get Rid of Flying Ants in House Permanently

What Is a Flying Ant

Flying ants are small in size, in general, but you will notice that female ants are bigger than male ants.

They are either black or brown in color, and almost every ant family has a few flying ants in their colony.

Okay, that is enough introduction to ants. Let’s understand how to get rid of these flying ants in the house permanently. 

1. Destroy their Nest and Colony

Destroy the Ant Nest

The best way to get rid of these drone ants is to destroy their nest. Look for their colony in your house, yard, or basement. Then use some lemon juice or any acidic thing to kill them all. 

You can also use Kerosene oil if you have it in your house. But do not burn it as it may damage other things in that area.

2. Use Lemon Juice to Kill those Ants

Lemon Juice spray for ants

As I said earlier, lemon juice is the best homemade ant-removal technique that many people use. The citric acid available in the lemon juice will burn their skin and make them leave the area.

You can also use it on their road where normal ants come and go.

Spray some lemon juice on the line, and they will go back as the acid will remove those ant trails they are following, making the effort of those above flying ants a waste. 

3. Peppermint Oil Spray to Make them Leave

Peppermint Oil Spray for ants

If you have peppermint oil in your house, you can also use it like lemon juice to repel those ants.

Find the crack and hole in your house and spray the oil there so those drone ants can not pass through there. 

4. Use Cinnamon Leaf Spray

Cinnamon Leaf Spray for ants

Cinnamon leaf oil will also work as it has a high amount of eugenol. Eugenol is a natural insect repellent and kills ants in the house.

Use any spray from the list, and the effect will be the same.

5. Spray Vinegar on the Ants

Vinegar Spray for ants

Maximum people use vinegar to spray on the ants. Mix it with water and then spray it on those ants. The acid in vinegar is far stronger than lemon juice and other ideas I have discussed. 

That is why be careful around your yard if you have found the colony there. These sprays can kill all the plants nearby. Use it carefully. 

how to get rid of flying ants

6. Use a Mixture of Baking Soda as Ant Bait

Baking Soda to kill ants

Do you have baking soda in your house? If yes, then you can use it. Yes, it is harmless for humans but not for the ants. Mix some baking soda with honey or sugar and create a bait.

Those ants will come to eat and take that food to their nest. All the ants, including those flying ants, will eat them. But they will not be able to digest it and die. 

You can also use boric or diatomaceous earth power instead of baking soda. The effect will be the same.

ideas to Get rid of flying ants
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7. Use Dish Soap or Detergent to Kill Them

use Dish Soap or Detergent to kill ants

You also have the option to use dish soap or detergent. The soap will stick to the wings and stop them from flying.

But it will not kill them, resulting in a temporary solution.

8. Hang Mint Leaves or Garlic

Mint Leaves to repel flying ants

Mint leave or garlic has a strong smell that ants do not like. Throw a few leaves or hang some garlic near their entrance.

Not suddenly, but with time they will not roam around your room. But you have to continue it until they are all gone. 

9. Throw Your Garbage Out Daily

Trash cans, dust bins, and rotten fruits are their favorite to feast on.

So stop them by taking care of your garbage on a daily, basis cleaning the yard, and keeping the food covered. Simple!

10. Remove Any Dead Roaches

We all have roaches in the house. When they lie dead either you have killed them or they die on their own then that can attract flies.

Clean it now so that flies do not get the sign that your home has the food they need.

How do You Get Rid of Flying Ants for Life

fly repellant diy outdoors

Look, flying ants are not harmful to you unless you feel them creepy. Do the following things, and those ants will never come back to your home for life. 

This is a step-by-step process on how to get rid of flying ants in the house.

  • Identify the entrance and seal it off.
  • Spray vinegar or lemon juice on the colony and kill them all. 
  • Use ant bait like baking soda with sugar to kill their whole colony from within.
  • Remove any decaying wood from your yard.
  • Clean your house and yard regularly.
  • Remove moisture in your yard and basement.
  • Seal all the windows and doors, holes, and cracks.
  • Always throw your garbage out daily.

If you do these little things, the ant infestation will go, and you can live peacefully.

How to Get Rid of Flying Ants in Wall Cavity

How to Get Rid of Flying Ants in Wall Cavity

One more problem people face especially who have an older house. They found out that those ants had nested in their walls, continuously damaging them week after week.

In that case, you have to use vinegar spray on their nest to make them leave the place and then use any ant killer power to kill the remaining one.

Then seal the crack properly using cement, and those flying ants will never bother you again. If you have a new house, then this is not for you.

It mainly occurs in a wet and old place, like in the basement wall.

Fix the wall cavity as soon as you can and remove those ants from your house.

how to get rid of flying ants 1

My Recommendations

Get one for these flying ant killer sprays.

Flying Ant Removal FAQs

Flying Ant Removal FAQs

What attracts flying ants in my house?

Food sources attract flying ants in the house, mainly sugar, honey, or candy in the garbage or in the kitchen.

What kills flying ants?

Boric acid, baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar spray, and diatomaceous earth powder can kill flying ants if you use them correctly.

How to repel flying ants?

Remove food sources from your house, like all the sugar, candy, and honey, and clean your garbage regularly, and those ants will never come back.

Do flying ants bite?

Yes, they can bite and sting, but that is rarer than ground ants.

Last Words

So this is how to get rid of flying ants in the house for life. Use any idea you want but be careful when using vinegar.

The best way to throw those ants away is to clean every inch of your house regularly, even the yard.

I hope now you are ready to remove those ants from your property.

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