how to get rid of Skunks

How to Get Rid of Skunks in the Yard

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Here is how to get rid of skunks in the yard peacefully without making them fearful. Whenever you encounter a skunk in the yard, which is common in the US, do not panic or try to hit it with something.

Be calm and let it go away slowly. They will run away if they see a human.

Yes, they are non-aggressive, but they are wild, and wild animals can do some huge damage. You can identify their motives by the smell they produce when threatened.

When they are threatened they release an odor that has a strong scent. They do this to repel any potential predators.

Plus they spread some diseases like the raccoons as they like the same food and food source.

That is why if you have a trash can outside in the yard and it is full of food then know that those skunks will come for it. Do not worry, I will guide you on how to repel them in a few minutes.

How to Get Rid of Skunks in the Yard

What to Do If You Encounter Skuns in Front of You

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Do not get scared or jump out of surprise seeing the Skunks. It will scare them and force them to attack you. Instead do the following.

  • Give the skunk a private space and do not go near to them. Keep your distance. So they keep theirs.
  • Do not run or make anything sudden, but slowly move away as you have never seen the animal. They have a bit of poor eyesight but excellent hearing power. They will not notice you unless you do something sudden.
  • Then, from afar behind, scare them with a loud clap or something noisy.
  • If you see that a skunk stomps its feet, arches its back, or raises its tail, then know it is very angry and may attack you at any moment.

I know it is not a big deal for adults, but still, you should take caution. So that you do not get affected by any diseases or attacks.

How to Get Rid of Skunks in the Yard and Garden 

How to get rid of Skunks

These skunks are super active at night, but sometimes they also wander around during the day. To repel skunks follow this and do not make them angry.

  • First, remove all the foods they can have in your yard, like leftover meat, small insects, berries, nuts, fruits, vegetables, small rodents, and others that they find yummy.
  • If you have rats in the yard, trap them and throw them away so that those skunks do not come to hunt them.
  • Cover your trash can with something tight. 
  • Feed your pets inside.
  • Hide the bird feeder.
  • Get a strong fence to seal off their entrance.
  • If you have any gap in the fence line, cover it up with something strong.
  • Throw some mothballs in the yard. The scent will repel them. 
  • Plant some skunks repelling plants like cayenne pepper and peppermint in the garden.

These are the basic things that you can try to repel skunks from your yard and garden. 

Professional Skunk Control Methods

How to get rid of skunks in your yard

But if those do not work, then you have to use some professional Skunk removal methods. Those are down below.

  • Get a Skunk trap and trap them. These traps do not harm the animal. When it is trapped, handle it with care as the Skunk can attack you.
  • Create loud noise using a machine or clap loudly to scare them away.
  • Install motion-activated lights to repel them.
  • Use an automatic water sprinkler in your yard to scare those Skunks away.
  • Get professional wildlife who can relocate the Skunk in their natural habitat.

So try these and see what happens. Please do not poison the Skunks using any of the pest killers you may have in the house. Be a human.

My Recommendations

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Last Words

So this is how to get rid of skunks in the yard and garden without harming them. Do not get too close to them. Keep a safe distance and scare them away. Good luck.

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get rid of Skunks
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