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10 Homemade DIY Bed Bug Killer Ideas

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Here are my homemade DIY bed bug killer ideas that helped me to get rid of those itching and discomfort bugs that do not let me sleep well at night. Plus they release a bad smell that burns my nose.

First, I soaked up my mattress, pillow, and blankets in the sun for a few days (my grandma advised that), then I cleared the whole room, each and every corner. 

Also vacuumed my bed and the furniture so that there are no bugs left as they hide in those bed corners that we ignore and also did a little dust removal and then finally got rid of them.

But the sun soaking is the main thing that worked for me. There are some other DIY hacks that also worked in killing those bed bugs. Here are those.

One more thing, those bed bugs love dark, cozy areas so make sure they do not get that. Okay!

Homemade DIY Bed Bug Killer Ideas
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1. Spray Essential Oil on Them

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Rickard Ignell, Swedish University of Agricultural SciencesCC BY-SA 1.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Essential oils like lavender, peppermint, rosemary, and tea tree oil are the most effective in repelling bed bugs.

Just mix it with water and spray all around your room including the bed and furniture.

If possible, spray it on the mattress while you are sunbathing it. So that no signs of those bugs remain in any parts of the bed.

2. Spread the Diatomaceous Earth Power

Take the mattress out and spread a small portion of the diatomaceous earth powder on the bed and around the room.

Those bed bugs will eat them and die as it will dehydrate them in a short time.

Why I am not suggesting using the powder on the mattress? Because it is toxic and causes some problems for the pets if you have any. 

Yes, it is safe for humans, but if you breathe the powder then I do not know what will happen.

So it is better you keep a safe distance and do not use the powder on your mattress and pillows.

diy bed bug killer recipe

3. Use Baking Soda

But you can use baking soda instead of the diatomaceous earth powder. The soda is safe as it is widely used in kitchens around the world.

It has high PH which is a killer of bed bugs.

Just mix the soda with water and spray it on the bed, mattress, pillows, and the whole room, and you will see in a few days those bugs are dead or gone.

Again sun bathing the matress is always better than all the spray ideas. First, soak the mattress, and then try these DIY spray ideas.

4. Spray Alcohol on the Mattress

You may know, how good alcohol is in killing all kinds of insects and bugs, and most pesticides contain a good amount of alcohol in them.

Fill a spray bottle with raw alcohol and spray it on the bed and the mattress. But know that the alcohol is flammable. So do not soak the mattress after you spray it. Or else the mattress will get a few black spots.

5. Steam them Out of Your House

Heat and stream are also effective in repealing bedbugs. You can buy any steam cleaner online and use it on your mattress and around the bed.

Direct the steam at the infested area to kill those bugs and their eggs. Continue this for a few days until you feel like they are all dead. They are small and can not withstand this high temperature.

bed bug
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6. Vacuume them Out Like Me

I also used a vacuum after I soaked the mattress to make sure no bugs were left in any hiding area. Vacuum your mattress, bed, and pillow to remove all those bugs.

The normal vacuum will do the job, but if you buy a vacuum with a HEPA filter, then this will suck the tiniest bugs from your mattress, which normal vacuums may not be able to do.

7. Place those Silica Gel Packs Under the Mattress

Yes, those silica gel that you get when you open a box. Companies add them so that their products remain fresh and pest-free. Use those silica gel under the mattress and the bed and you will see those bugs are gone.

It has a strong odor that is intolerable for those bed bugs. Do not throw them away but use them as pest control hacks.

bed bugs on skin
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8. Freeze them

The hot temperature is effective, but the extremely cool temperature is also effective in this matter. Get a few ice packs and place them on your mattress and under it.

As I have said they love a bit of worm area, not too cold or hot. So these ice packs will disrupt their habits and make them leave or die by freezing. Try it.

9. Use Glue or Double-Sided Tape

If you want a newer solution, then use glue around the bed or get those double-sided tapes and place them around the bed and furniture legs.

When they try to climb up, they will get stuck in there and you can throw it away. Daily replace the tapes until no bugs are left. It is easy and effective.

10. Buy Mattress Encasement

This one is a bit professional and costs a bit more than all the above ideas. You need to buy a mattress encasement or simply a cover for your mattress that is specially designed to prevent pests from living there.

Get a zipped cover or something that is super tight. So that it does not let those bed bugs enter.

Bed Bug Killer Ideas

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Last Words

So these are my homemade DIY bedbug killer ideas with some chemical ideas that you can use to repel and kill those bugs. 

The best remedy is the sunbathing. First, do that, and then use the spray. Your problem will be solved. Good luck.

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natural bed bug killer
DIY Bed Bug Killer Ideas
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