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How to Get Rid of Honey Bees in the House and Yard

So here are the homemade honey bee removal ideas that you can use to repel all those bees from your tree, wall, and basement in about a week without getting stung.

But somehow, if you get stung, then instantly apply ice on the spot or use toothpaste. So that that area cools and does not harm you much more. 

Do not worry. You will be alright after a few hours. I am telling from my experience as I got stung many times.

That is why get your bee safety armor on and then fight with them. Wear hand gloves, eyeglasses, and a protective face mask.

Okay, so here we go. I will share with you my personal honey bee removal idea

My Personal Story

honey bee on tree

Back in the day, when I was a kid about 13 years of age, I broke a honey bee hive using smoke and tasted the honey in it.

The honey was white in color and tasted 10x better than the normal honey you buy on the market. They prepared the market honey from sugar.

They force the bees to take juice from the sugar and build the honey. But here we got the pure honey.

Those bees are collecting from flowers. That is why, there is a big difference in taste and color.

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honey bee on floor
Charles J. Sharp CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Smoke those Bees Out

Smoke those Bees Out

So first, I created a cloud of smoke using kerosene oil and wet cloths. Then we put that in front of the bee hive and hold that for a few minutes.

Suddenly, thousands of bees were roaming around searching for the intruder.

The honey hive was in a bamboo tree, and we were about to break it.

So we lay down as we did not have any mask or protection to stop them from biting us. You know how a kid’s mind works (fearless).

It was fun to see that thousands of bees were roaming around our heads, and some of them were getting unconscious and falling to the ground because of the smoke.

This thing continued for about an hour, and we could not get up as there were bees, and they were very angry. 

But the best thing was that we did manage to break a slice portion of the bee hive and contain it in a bowl. 

In that situation, we tested the honey, and it was just amazing. Never tasted that kind of honey in my life. So we enjoyed the honey for a few more minutes. But then the disaster came.

The Disaster Lady Came

Honey is stolen

One middle-aged lady was coming to our place and saw that we were breaking the hive.

She told us to leave as those bees will bite us hard and come back later to get the honey. Even she tried to bully me and my brother.

We turn home and leave. And when we came back in the afternoon, not a small portion of the honey was there. She stole in all. 

Then we got to know that she called her two sons and got all the honey from it.

As kids, we cannot do anything. But now, no one has the guts to mess up with the rewards that we have worked hard to gather.

I am gonna smash the face that sneaks in and try to take the credit. 

So yes, smoke is a wonderful remedy to repel honey bees from their hive.

How a Kid Knew to Use Smoke to Repel Honey Bees?

How a Kid Knew to Use Smoke to Repel Honey Bees

Now, why do we as kids know that we need to use smoke? We saw our uncle do that. There was a bee hive in his house on the wall. 

We saw he used to smoke and kerosene oil to remove those bees and get the honey. So we did the same thing but got no honey, thanks to the lady.

Things that Repel Honey Bees

Things that Repel Honey Bees

Okay, here is the list of what you can use to repel all those honey bees.

  • Use Smoke.
  • Kerosene oil spay.
  • Petrol spray.
  • Vinegar spray
  • Diatomaceous earth powder.
  • Burn the hive down.

Yes, you can burn the hive if there is no honey in it. But that is rare. You should break it where there is honey. Okay

How to Get Rid of Honey Bee Hive Permanently

How to Get Rid of Honey Bee Hive Permanently

Now your next step is to make sure that those honey bees do not come back after you have repelled those bees and broken their hive.

Spray some garlic pest or powder in that area or Cucumber peels so that that place becomes a dangerous place to create a hive for those honey bees.

If you do not do it, those bees will come back in a few days. They will start to rebuild the hive. So take action before that happens. 

Last Words

So these are my personal life stories on honey bee removal and eating that sweet honey from it. Try it and see if this works for you. 

But make sure to cover yourself up and do not make the same mistake as we did as kids. I wish you the best of luck.

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