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10 Best DIY Mosquito Repellents

I will give you my grandma’s mosquito repellent remedy that she used to save herself from mosquito bites and it still works today.

Plus, some more DIY ideas that I use in my home so that they never come back and bite me or my family at night.

I know how irritating those mosquitoes are when they sing the song when you are about to go deep into sleep. I think that is the biggest problem than getting bitten by them. Agreed?

Buy not anymore as you will have the control, not them.

Best Mosquito Repellent that Works

Before I give you my homemade DIY mosquito repellents, know what makes a mosquito repellent effective for weeks and how to use them. 

Look, mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale and obviously certain skin chemicals we humans or pets have. They get the smell and come close to you for food.

  • So a good mosquito repellent will create a barrier with the odor our body releases. The repellent will reduce the odor in the air. So they can not identify their food smell and fear the new one. 

The idea here is to confuse them completely and make them fearful. So here we go.

1. Apply Neem Oil on Your Skin

Apply Neem Oil on Your Skin

My grandma used neem oil twice a week and she prepared it by hand using neem and the leaves.

Neem oil is always used as mosquito repellent for thousands of years, even if you burn them, those mosquitoes and other insects will not roam around your house.

So get some neem make a pest and apply it on your skin as oil.

Or buy some readymade neem oil from the market and use it twice a week without washing it away with soap.

Those mosquitoes will never be able to bite you.

But the problem is you can not apply the oil for life. You have to kill them all and destroy their nest. Use the oil and in the meantime, kill them with these DIY hacks. Here is how.

mosquito trap
neekoh.fiCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

2. Spray Garlic in Your House 

Spray Garlic in Your House

Mix garlic pest with water and spray all over your house especially those hidden places where sunlight can not reach, like window corners, the basement, and the backyard.

Also, spray it on the drain line to kill any mosquito larvae that may become an army and attack you. I mean just kill them all, show no mercy. Do it twice a week for a better result or more.

3. Use Citronella Oil as Repellent

Use Citronella Oil

Citronella oil is also a natural mosquito repellent, like our Neem oil. This oil comes from leaves of citronella grass which has a strong scent that mosquites can not tolerate.

This oil is far more superiot than neem oil but getting it is a bit difficult.

As before, mix this oil with water and spray all over your house and yard and on the clothes also if you have dirty clothes sitting on a chair (like me).

You can also use Peppermint oil and other essential oils to repel mosquitoes. The choice is purely yours.

4. Spray Apple Cider Vinegar

Spray Apple Cider Vinegar

You may not know the Apple cider vinegar but it is also effective in repeling mosquitoes from the house.

Mix the vinegar with water and apply on your skin, clothes, sofa, bed, and everywhere you think those mosquitos are hiding.

  • Clean your house and remove those spider webs to reduce moisture in the house. I did that, but that may not be required for you. 

The strong smell the Apple cider vinegar will be too much for mosquitoes and will leave the place soon.

5. Use Tea Tree Oil to Repel Mosquitoes

Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is another fabulous essential oil that is super effective in repelling mosquitoes. Plus it can be used to treat acne and insect bites. You can buy it online.

Mix tree oil with water or coconut oil and apply it on your skin like neem oil, no mosquitoes will be able to bite you. See it yourself!

mosquito on skin

6. Use Mint Leaves 

Use Mint Leaves

I almost forgot about mint leaves. Yes, mint leaves are very powerful in repelling mosquitos. The scent mint produces is unbearable for those insects.

So plant a few mints in your garden and in the house near the window and you will those mosquitoes are gone.

7. Use Lavender Oil

Use Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is also another good essential oil that can repel mosquitoes. Just buy it and apply it on your skin or you plant a lavender plant in your garden.

But the oil is more powerful and can work faster. So get one bottle of oil and use it at night.

8. Burn Egg Cartons

You all have egg cartons in the house. Burn them where those mosquitos are living in large numbers, near the dirty pond or the sewage. They will leave soon.

You can also burn them in the yard.

9. Burn Mosquito Repellent Candles

Go to your nearest market and buy some mosquito-repellent candles that are made from essential oils.

Then light it up and the smell will repel mosquitos from your home.

mosquito biting

10. Mix Water, Yeast, and Sugar for Trap

Create a trap with yeast, sugar, and water and place it near the home. They will come for it and die soon.

Last Words

So these are the best mosquito repellent that works like a commercial product, but they are environmentally friendly.

Remember to reapply these repellents frequently for the best results okay? Good luck.

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