how to get rid of gnats

How to Get Rid of Gnats in the House

Here are some of the best and most professional ideas to get rid of gnats in your house and garden so that your fruits, vegetables, and plants remain healthy and shining.

I will give you seven creative ideas to kill or repel them from your garden and house for life. And some tips on how to never attract them. So here we go.

Gnats vs Ants

Ants vs Gnats

Most people think ants and gnats are similar just because they have wings. But they are not, and they are also not wasps. Here is why.

  • Ants gather food for the colony, but gnats eat their food right on the spot.
  • Gnats are smaller than ground and flying ants.
  • Gnats create a buzzing sound like mosquitos, but ants do not.

There are some other differences, but I have listed the most common ones that most people can identify with. So now let’s understand how to get rid of gnats in the house and garden.

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How to Get Rid of Gnats in the House

Before I give you those gnats killer ideas, make sure you use them with caution. As some of them are not good for you and your pets. Use them carefully and securely.

1. Identify their Entrance

Identify the Entrance of those Gnats

Insect your house find where they are coming from and seal it. Look for their nest in the garden, in a moist place like the basement, or in the kitchen trash bin, and remove them. 

Seal the crack in the house as it is their favorite spot to hide and make a living. Then follow the below ideas to get gnats for life step by step.

2. Remove Rotten Fruits and Vegetables from Your Kitchen

Remove Rotten Fruits and Vegetables to repel gnats

If you have rotten fruits and vegetables, they will come for sure. Make sure you throw them out in the garbage can and make sure it is sealed.

So that they do not get the food and roam around your house.

3. Clean the Kitchen Regularly with Liquid Cleaner

Clean the Kitchen Regularly to remove gnats

Clean your house and kitchen regularly. Weekly use those liquid cleaners that repel insects. 

Never leave unclean dishes in an open space. Cover them up or wash them right away, at least for a few days, when you are trying to fight with them.

Plus, clean other areas in your house like the basement, trash bin, and washroom frequently. So that they do not have a space to live. 

Plus, repair any water leakage in the basement or kitchen to remove the moisture in the house.

4. Remove Moisture in Your Garden

Remove Moisture in Your Garden and make gnats leave

It is possible that they are living in the standing water area in your garden as they are getting food there from those plants.

Clean that damp area and cut some grasses so that sunlight can dry the place up.

5. Build a Homemade Gnats Killer

Build a Homemade Gnats Killer

I love this idea as it is the quickest to get rid of gnats. But you have to spend a little money on it.

Build a trap with rotten fruits on the outside and spread boric powder on it or spray vinegar mixed with sigh soap on the area where they roam around.

Both ways, they will eat and die. 

You can also use other ant removal ideas if you do not have these options available.

For example, mix honey with boric powder, sugar with boric powder, spread salt, buy a pest control spray, or use diatomaceous earth powder.

6. Use Some Natural Gnats Repellent

Use Some Natural Gnats Repellent

If you do not want to use those chemicals as they may harm the plants, your pets, and children, use a natural insect repellent that repels them in a few days. 

Use lemon juice and spray on them, or spray lavender or peppermint oil to repel them. They work great, but it will take time to remove them completely. 

7. Set Up Glue Traps

Set up a free sticky glue trap in your kitchen to catch them. Set up a bait with sugar and spred it over the glue. They will come for it and stuck there and die.

8. Hang Egg Shells

Egg shells have a strong smell that no flies can tolerate. Hang a few of them in the kitchen and you will see that there are no flies on your food ever again.

9. Burn Citronella Candles

Citronella is an essential oil and is very powerful in repelling flies and mosquitoes from the house. Just burn one a day and you will get relief from those gnats in a few days.

10. How to Prevent Gnats Coming to Your House

How to Prevent Gnats Coming to Your House

After following all these steps, you need to take care of a few things to avoid gnat infestation in the future. 

  • Clean your windows and doors or apply new paint.
  • Hang garlic in the kitchen so they do not roam around.
  • Store your fruits in a covered area or in the refrigerator.
  • Clean your kitchen and house regularly.
  • Use insect-repellent floor cleaners weekly.

Follow these ideas, and those gnats will never come back to your house.

What Idea is the Best for Gnats Removal?

I recommend you buy a pest control spray or use Diatomaceous earth powder for your garden for instant removal.

They do not cost much and can remove those grants from your house and garden almost instantly.

Last Words

So these are the quickest ways to get rid of gnats in the house and garden. Apply natural remedies or chemicals. It is up to you.

But you must clean your house and garden to stop them from making a nest there. I wish you the best of luck.

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how to get rid of gnats
get rid of gnats
How to Get Rid of Gnats in the House
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get rid of gnats
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