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How to Get Rid of Snakes in the Yard (Safely!)

So how to get rid of snakes from your yard permanently without killing them? Because if you try to kill them, they may attack back, which is very scary, and I do not recommend that.

It is better you repel them using these natural and homemade ideas that I will share with you here with my real-life experience with snakes and how we repelled them from our yard and house.

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How to Get Rid of Snakes in the Yard

snake repellent homemade diy PLants and oils

But first, you need to know why those snakes come to your yard and what they are looking for. 

They are searching for food. If you have rats, frogs, and small pets in your yard, then they come to hunt them.

So do not give them the food they are looking for and they will leave. I do not care what kind of snake you are trying to repel, whether it’s a red snake, black or yellow. To me, all the same, they bite and can cause heavy damage. 

I fear all kinds of snakes, whether it is venomous or not. It feels very creepy than all the other reptiles. I keep a safe distance. So Let’s start with my personal homemade snake repellent idea.

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1. My Homemade Snake Repellent Idea 

My Homemade Snake Repellent Idea

I have seen those snakes come to my house mostly on rainy days when the yard is full of grass and weeds. They come to hunt frogs as there is a small pond beside my house.

So we cleaned the pond with bleaching powder and removed all the weeds around it. We also cleaned our yard by cutting grass and cleaning all the standing water where frogs can live. And also turn off the night light.

2. Turn off the Night Lights

Turn off the Night Lights to repel snakes

The night light attracts insects, and those insects attract frogs, and they attract snakes. If you think a bit you will know why I am saying it. 

So we did all that, and a few days later, there were no snakes in my house and yard.

But that did not solve the problem completely. The next year, those frogs came back because of the same rainy day and the big grass in the yard. We followed the below steps to remove them for life.

3. Install a Strong No Gap Fence

Install a Strong No Gap Fence on the yard

We built a brick wall at a good height so that those snakes could not pass it and installed a few broken glass over it. So if they try, they will get hurt. 

If you do not want to build a brick wall, use a strong wooden fence to cover your yard. And with it, make sure there is no gap in your yard where those snakes can come and go. 

4. Remove the Mouse Tunnels

Remove the Mouse Tunnels

Look for mouse tunnels as those are the favorite spot for snakes to hide. Track the tunnels that mice made and close them. Trap those mice and throw them away. 

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I think, this is one of the safest and most foolproof securities you can adopt, as mice tunnels may have snake eggs. If you want them removed, then destroy all the tunnels for your future safety. It is my favorite idea of how to get rid of snakes permanently.

5. Protect Your Pets and Birds

Protect Your Pets and Birds from snakes

It is not new that those snakes eat bird’s eggs and small animals like rabbits and or chicks. If you have them make sure they are secure, and if possible, feed them inside the house for a few days until you clean the area.

If you have a cat, it may help to identify the snakes quicker and reel them as cats are sensitive and quickest to react if a snake tries to bite them. But I would not take this risk unless I know what I am doing.

6. Plant Some Snake Repellent Plants

Plant Some Snake Repellent Plants

Now, for your future safety, plant some snake-repellent plants like garlic, onion, lavender, lemongrass, and rosemary in your yard or in a pot. 

As long you have these plants in fresh condition, those snakes will not dare to enter your yard, and with it, frogs, mice, and other reptiles will also go.

7. Use Vinegar or Snake Repellent Liquid

Use Vinegar or Snake Repellent Liquid

If you want a faster solution, as those ideas will take a few days, spray vinegar or the snake-repellent liquid all over your yard and house. 

Spray it on the fence line. When those snakes cross the line, it will burn their skin and make them stop.

How to Remove the Snakes From the House

How to Remove the Snakes From the House
  • Remain calm and think logically, not emotionally.
  • Do not hit the snake, as it may attack you.
  • Open the doors and windows to allow it to leave.
  • Call a professional if the snake does not leave.
  • And do not be a hero.
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Look, those snakes are afraid like humans when we see another species. They will attack to protect themselves. So do not harm them, and they will not hurt you. 

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Last Words

So this is how to get rid of snakes in the yard and house. Clean your surrounding and use snake-repellent liquid or plants to repel them for life. Do not give them the food they are looking for.

Remove all those frogs, mice, and other small food sources from your house, and they will never disturb you. 

If you see too many snakes roaming around, call a professional to catch them so you and your neighbors can leave there freely. Good luck.

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