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10 Homemade Bed Bug Spray Ideas

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Here I will give you ten homemade bed bug spray ideas to kill them all in a few days. Yes, those tiny bugs bite us at night, and most importantly, they release a bad odor that feels like we are living near a drain line.

For me personally, I hate the odor than the bite. It makes my nose burn and never let me sleep unless I clean them off my bed. I will tell you how I did that.

First, I soaked the mattress, pillow, and all the bedding in the sunlight for a whole day. So that those bugs leave the mattress. Yes, they do not love heat and prefer a cozy place.

By heating the mattress, you are forcing them to leave. Then I have used a few of the below bed bug spray ideas to repel them from my house permanently.

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1. Spray Essential Oil Blend

Essential oils like lavender, tea tree, and peppermint are widely known for their pest-reducing properties. 

So mix a few drops of one of these oils with water and spray all over your house, including the mattress, bedding, bed legs, furniture, and each and every corner of the house.

These bed bugs will not dare to disturb you again if you do this daily for a few days. But first, soak everything in the sun as it is the best remedy that I have found than everything on my list. Okay!

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2. Spray Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is very powerful in repelling bed bugs quickly. It has an acetic feature that burns the skin of those bugs and forces them to leave.

Just spray the vinegar all over your mattress, bedding, and bed legs and they will be gone. Mix it with water if you are afraid that vinegar may damage the bedding.

3. Rubbing Alcohol Spray

Rubbing alcohol is different than normal daily alcohol. It is a good bed bug killer as it dehydrates the bugs and kills them eventually.

Directly spray the rubbing alcohol on every area of your room and bed. But know that it is flammable. So use it carefully.

4. Neem Oil Spray

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Neem oil is very easy to make. Just get some neem leaves or fruits, make a pest, and then spray it with a water mixture.

If you do not have a neem tree nearby, then buy this oil online and repel those bed bugs from your room.

5. Kill them with Baking Soda

Baking soda can kill those bugs in one night, and we all have this soda in our house. Just sprinkle the soda on your mattress, carpets, and all around the bed.

Leave it for a night and you will see that a few tiny bugs are lying dead around the mattress as the soda will disrupt their protective outer layer and kill them slowly.

If you have a bigger infestation, then do not clean the mattress for a few days so that it can kill them all.

6. Citrus Fruit Spray

Citrus fruits are the peels of sour fruits like lemons and oranges. Do not throw them away next time you eat them. But create a pest, mix it with water, and spray it all over the house.

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The acetic feature those peels have will kill those tiny bugs and also hide the bad odor those bed bugs release. Try it.

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7. Cayenne Pepper Spray

As you know how firey the cayenne pepper is. So make a pest with it and spray. You can also use regular red chilly for the same effect. But the cayenne pepper is a better choice for killing bed bugs.

8. Spray Black Walnut Leaves

Black walnut is not that popular in repeping pests from the house but in North America, people do use it. To prepare the spray, get a few leaves and throw them in boiling water.

Wait a few minutes, and then cool it down. Fill a spray bottle and spray it all over the bed to repel bugs. Try this if you have a black wall nut in the house, else do not bother.

9. Spray Salt

Yes, the salt that you have in your kitchen. You can repel those bed bugs with it. Mix a few tablespoons of salt in warm water and spray all over the house and the bed area.

The salt will dehydrate the pests and eventually kill them. It is the simplest pest control method that I am still using in my house to kill pests. Try it.

10. Garlic Spray

My last idea is garlic spray. Make a pest with garlic and then mix it with water and fill a spray bottle. Then daily for a few days spray the mixture all over the house and the mattress.

Those bed bugs will not be able to tolerate the scent that garlic and will leave your house soon.

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Last Words

So there are the best homemade bed bug spray ideas that work the best and are easy to prepare at home. Just do not overdo anything, or else your bedding will get a black spot. Do the sunbathing first for a better result. Good luck. 

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