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10 Creative Shed Landscaping Ideas

Now I will give you some unique and out-of-the-box shed landscaping ideas that I guarantee you have never seen.

Yes, there will always be something that may not go along with your design. But still, these ideas will surely help to transform your boring storage shed into an amazing focal point.

Although painting the shed is another way to improve the focal point and the view, that is another story. Now have a look at these amazing landscape designs.

Shed construction
Jarek TuszyńskiCC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

1. A Tree Like Shed

It looks like they have used real trees in building this shed, but it is not. They have used a combination of normal concretes and wood to set this up and then designed it accordingly.

In this design, the overall landscape does not matter as the house will be a focal point.

So if you are thinking of building a new storage shed then this idea is an excellent choice for you, or the below ideas will help.

wood house
Henry Burrows on Flickr

2. Plant Roses and Other Flowers

Planting some red-colored roses or yellow color flowers around the shed is an excellent landscape design.

But the condition is that you must keep the front lawn maintained or the roses will get lost in the bush.

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It is the simplest design you can have that does not cost a penny in labor expenses.

landscaping around storage house

3. The Hobbit House

If you have watched the movie Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, you know this house.

Here is the truth. I know this design is not suitable for most of you as it is quite difficult to build. But I just can not ignore it when selecting those shed landscaping designs.

No need for a big house just set this tiny house in your yard and you will see people will ask for it and admire it. It will be a fake house just for decoration.

hobbit shed house

4. Just Paint it

Yes, you may not need any extraordinary landscape design around your shed, a simple and new paint may be enough.

Choose a paint that is rich in color like red, blue, yellow, violet, or even pink. So that people can notice it from far away.

painted shed house
Shedking on Flickr

5. Give It a Place for Gossip

You see those chairs! Get yourself a few and set them up. But the condition is you must clean the area daily or the area will become too dirty for you to relax,

And do not forget the red grasses around it as it is catching my attention.

So the main point is to keep it clean and relax around the shed.

garage landscaping

6. Build a Simple DIY Shed

Still, if you are not convinced about what ideas to go with then this simple DIY idea is for you. Do not think much and just build it and store your lawn and garden tools securely.

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No need for flowers or any special plants around it just a simple paint will be enough. Okay!

DIY Storage shed

7. The Odd Looking Pig House

Why do I call it so? Because it reminds me of the story of those 3 little Pigs and the Jackal that want to eat them and those hours of straw, and bricks.

It looks something similar to that.

Hire a carpenter and build this one as it will take some professionals to set up. Then planting those plants around the shed is easy. You can do it.

shed house unique

8. A Shed on Wheels

I am sure you have never thought of it. Shed on wheels! But it is true. Some people have built it and it is doing fine.

Just like the Mobile Homes. A few decades ago no one could imagine such a house that is movable. Now it is a reality.

So just add a few strong wells and let it be there in your front yard to catch a lot of eyes.

shed on wheels

9. The Old Age Outdoor Shed and Patio

This is a mixture of landscape design, a patio, and a playground for kids.

The idea looks like it was made in the 1800s but in reality, they have plenty to make it look like it.

If you love antique things then this shed idea is for you.

old age shed house

10. Cover the Shed with Plants

This one is my last shed landscape idea. If do not like maintaining the yard then just leave the plants as it is and they will cover up with your whole shed like a forest.

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You can also set up some potted flowers over the window to make it a bit organized.

outdoor shed landscaping

Last Words

So these are the best shed landscape designs that I can recommend. If you know something new and unique let me know, I would love to share. I hope you got a few new ideas from here. Good luck.

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