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10 Best Well Head Cover Ideas That Last Long

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Here are the best well head cover ideas that you can buy online or build at home if you know how to. I will give you those ideas, keeping your landscape design in mind so that they perfectly fit in your yard.

But if you are not ready to spend good money on this design, then sorry my friend, this is not the post you should be reading.

And yeah I know how a well-designed head cover can be an eyesore in your front yard that people will admire and make you feel good and respected. But that costs good money.

Do not worry, first look at them and then buy one of them or build a similar design at home. I leave that to you.

1. Get This for Your Landscaping (Recommended)

Go with a simple DIY landscape design

If you want to make a focal point in your landscaping plant some red and yellow flowers along with the pump cover. Place the cover in the middle and design your landscape area.

But do not put any paint on it as it may disrupt the natural look and feel of your overall yard. Go with the raw color and leave it as it is.

Get it now: Wooden Well Head Cover with Planter

2. Build a Big and Bold Brick Well Head

brick well head
Village pump and cover by N ChadwickCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Let me tell you this one will cost good money, but will add boldness to your yard. Hire someone to build this design as you can not build it yourself. It needs professionalism.

The best thing about this one is the landscape view. If you place it in an area where people can see it from away, I mean make it a focal point, and then you feel the boldness. Clean the surroundings weekly so that it shines.

3. Build it with a Wooden Structure

well pump cover
Ben Jacobson (Kranar Drogin)CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you do not like the brick design and do not want to spend that much money, then this one may suit you. It is made of wood and looks quite similar in appearance.

Although you can not build this one at home, you need to hire a professional for that big and bold appearance. But please paint it once in 3 years to maintain its beauty.

If you want you can plant some flowers under it to enhance the view. I will suggest that in my recommendation part with the flowers on.

4. Build a DIY Old-Looking Cover

well pump cover old style

This one may not feel very attractive but will cost less amount of money in terms of a complete cover. 

Although you can just build the head without the base, that may not look so good unless you are too short on budget.

This one you can build it home with the old-age wood that you have in your basement or garage. Just cut them accordingly and join them together. It does not take more than a day to build. Try it if you are confident in building this.

5. Go with a Pointy Head Top Cover

well pump

You will not see this one often, not even in movies, as it is too old age design. This one used to pull water from the ground and drink and that days more decade ago.

But who is stopping you to set this up in your yard? If you love history, then this one is the best for you as it will remind you of the history and a story you can tell your neighbors why you have chosen this design instead of the other one. And it costs low money and is easy to build at home. 

6. Build a House Looking Roof

well head made of bricks
Reinhard KirchnerCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What I mean is that use your remaining roof equipment and buy this head cover which looks exactly like the rooftop of a house. Just ask them and set a few pilers, and you are done.

Then if you want to design with it flowers and lights to enhance the view. It is quiet and easy to build.

7. Build a Simple DIY Head Cover

simple well head cover

If you are a simple person then you can go with it. Just arrange a few woods, set them up like a shade, and support them with anything you want. 

Iron support will last long but you are free to use any kind of support you want. The best part is that you can use your old wooden shutters to build this design at home.

8. Use Tree Branches to Build a Cover

old age weel pump

This is an old-school game and will not cost you that much if you have wood branches in your house or a few trees in the yard. You can cut a few branches to build this design.

Just set them up in a circular way and cover the pump with a roof. It costs zero money and can last longer than decades.

9. Cover the Head with Something Metallic

traditional well pump

Look you can go all metal and build a cover, or you can mix the wood and the metal to build this design. Both look good, but the mixture will last very long and will also look good in your yard.

You do not need to add any wheel or anything fancy there. Just the sole head with a circular ground.

10. A Simple Looking Cover with an Open Lid

DIY well head cover

This one can also be made at home and will not cost you anything thin if you have wood in the yard. The design is different, but the ideas are the same. This one has a lid so that you can do a little eminence if needed.

My Recommendations

Get one of these beautiful covers for your well pump.

Wooden Head Cover with Hanging Flower Bucket (Best Overall)

Height Adjustable Wooden Cover (Most Affordable)

Rustic Design Wooden Cover (Premium Quality)

Last Words

So these are the best DIY well head covers that you can buy, build, or set up in your yard, backyard, and outdoor space. Some will improve the landscape design and some will just hide it. The best idea that fits is your concert, and I leave it to you. Good luck.

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