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10 Creative Raised Bed Garden Ideas

So here are the best raised bed garden ideas that I love the most, and maybe you have seen some of them in your neighborhood if they care about their garden area a bit.

These raised bed ideas are fancy, attractive, and long-lasting and can improve your yard or garden in a big way. Choose the design you like and maintain it as needed so that it remains as fresh as you want. So here we go.

Creative Raised Bed Garden Ideas

Raised bed garden design and landscaping ideas

But before that, I would recommend you hire a professional to set up these raised bed garden ideas as the wrong setup can make its life shorter, and you have to spend again on them. 

So it is better to set it up with someone who has done it previously and successfully.

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Raised bed landscaping
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Raised bed flowers
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1. Set Up Simple Wooden Raised Beds

Set Up Simple Wooden Raised Beds

The quickest and easiest idea is to build a simple wooden raised bed garden and plant flowers, vegetables, or anything you want in there. It does not take too much expertise and can do the job well if you paint the wood or polish it to make it look nice.

You can build a wooden bed in any shape and form you want and all of them will fit your garden areas. It is a no-brainer to set up this raised bed garden. Try it.

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Raised bed plants
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2. Build a Pyramid Like Raised Bed 

Build a Pyramid Like Raised Bed

You have seen the Great Pyramid of Giza, or at least seen it in movies. Yes, build something similar in your garden area. Not that huge, but a few layers of the garden.

Just place your wooden or metal boxes over it and then reduce the size as you progress and plant your flowers or vegetables. But make sure each layer has a strong leg, or it will not last long. 

3. Use Wooden Branches for Your Garden Edging

Use Wooden Branches for Your Garden Edging

Do you have a big tree in your house? If yes then use those fallen branches to make a raised bed design. No matter the branch size, you can build it.

Use your creativity and set them up in a good way. Do not just lay them on the ground. Think a bit so that it gives meaning. 

raised bed idea
John SmithCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Raised bed ourdoor

4. Build a Bamboo Border Raised Bed

Build a Bamboo Raised Bed

You can also use bamboo instead of wood for this raised bed, and I think it is more natural than wood. But it will take more effort and careful maintenance.

Cut some bamboo in the way you want, keeping the height in mind, and then set them up in a circular or square way. Then add soil and other gardening stuff to it. Then after a few days, plant the seeds of your flowers or vegetables there. That is it.

5. Build a River Rock Raised Bed

Build a River Rock Raised Bed

Okay, instead of natural short life span garden ideas, you can use solid river rocks with some concrete touch to them. So that it remains there after you are gone from this world.

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River rock raised garden bed ideas look good and can add a new touch to your garden if you set those rocks properly. 

If you do not want to use concrete, just spread those rocks in your garden, and it will look good. And do not forget to add mulch with it, or the design will not glow.

6. Use Your Old Car Tyres as a Raised Flower Bed

Use Your Old Car Tyres as Raised Flower Bed

Do you have old car tires in your garage? If yes, take them out, make a circle with them, and use it as a raised bed by adding soil and plants there. 

If you can, paint the tyres to make it look better. For me, it is one of the best cost-effective ideas I have for you for this raised bed.

7. Buy a Metal Garden Bed Design

Buy a Metal Garden Bed Design

The final idea is to buy a pre-build metal raised garden bed. Just buy according to your taste and set them up. It is easy and does not need a lot of maintenance like those wooden or bamboo ideas.

Try it if you like a low-maintenance garden bed in your house.

Raised bed with mulch
Doug Beckers on flicker

Last Words

So these are the most creative raised bed garden ideas that I know and have seen in neighbor’s yards that attract attention. 

But I would suggest you go beyond these ideas and build your own garden design by combining all of these ideas. I wish you the best of luck.

Raised bed vegetables
Charles & HudsonCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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