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20 Creative Sidewalk Landscaping Ideas

So here are some amazing sidewalk landscaping ideas to make your yard a bit more beautiful and attractive in the eyes of the passerby. Plus, there will be less maintenance for most of them.

Some will be low budget, and some will cost good money, like the red mulch idea with plants or the wooden bridge idea as a walkway. But in the end, you will love the design.

Sidewalk Landscaping Ideas

But before that, ask yourself, will this idea suit my yard and the house design? If that is not the case, the sidewalk design will look odd from a distance, and people will say things you may not like.

So choose the one that fits your landscape design, not the one you want the most. Okay! So here are your creative sidewalk landscaping ideas for your backyard and front yard.

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1. Use a Smooth Concrete Design as a Sidewalk

Use Smooth Concrete Design as Sidewalk

Do not use your head too much, and build this smooth concrete design sidewalk by using some lights, plants, and mulch around it to make the area look good and exposing.

This idea does not need any professional maintenance or strict lawn care. Just build the walkway, and you are almost done. It is one of the simplest ideas that I can give you.

2. Build a Shaky Sidewalk with Bricks

Build a Shaky Sidewalk

Use stone in different sizes or use brick as stones to build this amazing design. Make it look like a snake and plant a few big herbs, grass, and flowers on the edge to complete the design. 

If you want, you can add red mulch along with it to reduce the dirt in the walkway. This idea is expensive as they have to set up stones individually in the place. So if budget is not your problem, go for it. Thank me later.

3. Use Big Stone Plates to Build a Sidewalk

Use Big Stone Plates to Build a Sidewalk

Stone plates are popular all over the world, and most people use them as a walkway. Not those smooth ones that will throw you down if you step on them in the rain, but the rouge that costs less money. 

Get a few of those and just lay them on the walkway on a mixture of cement and sand. So that they remain fixed for life. Then, you can add red mulch around it to reduce the dirt and mud build-up in the rainy season.

4. Build a Premium Sidewalk with Stones

Build a Fancy Sidewalk with Stones

If you want a premium sidewalk that no one has in your neighborhood, then I recommend you to choose this one as I think this is one of the cleaning and gorgeous-looking sidewalk landscaping ideas out there.

Hire a professional to build it with the same design, and you will see the effect. Yes, it will take time to build and may cost you good money. But it will be worth the design.

5. Border Your Sidewalk with Concrete

Border Your Sidewalk with Concrete

First, build the walkway as you like and add a border with strong concrete as the edge. Then plant flowers, green herbs, or anything you want beside it.

The edge will make the walkway clean and beautiful, and you will be happy to see that your walkway always remains dirt and mud-free. Yes, it will take good money to build.

6. Use Stone Slabs to Build the Walkway

Use Stone Slabs to Build the Walkway

Get a few stone slabs, set them up at a distance, and add mulch in between to build this sidewalk design. This idea is only applicable when the mud is always wet, and you can not walk.

If your area gets too much rain throughout the year, then this is the walkway idea you need. Do not think much and go for the design. It is simple and very effective in keeping your shoes clean forever.

7. Build a Wooden Walkway

Build a Wooden Walkway

If you are a true nature lover, then you can not miss this sidewalk. Hire a carpenter and use wood to build this design. You can use it where the rain is constant so that every day you do not have to fight the mud in the yard.

It is like the stone slab design but made of wood and in complete cover. Yes, it will cost good money, maybe the highest, but it is made for pure nature lovers. What do you think? Let me know.

8. Fence the Walkway Like This

sidewalk landscape
needpix.com / pixahive.com

9. Plant Some FLowers Around it

sidewalk flowers
Richard DrdulCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

10. Use Tiles to Build this Cool Design

sidewalk design
Decorative Concrete on Flickr

11. Edge the Walkway with Bricks

sidewalk with bricks
pixahive.com / Giovanni UssiCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

12. Use Rock Slabs to Build This Design

sidewalk grass
Decorative Concrete on Flickr

13. Plant Vegetable Plants Around it

colorful sidewalk

14. Build a Circular Garden

rounded sidewalk

15. Use Rocks in a Messy Way

clean sidewalk

16. Build a Flower Bed Around it

flower garden sidewalk

17. Use Mulch or Paint the Grass Brown

brown mulch walkway

18. Use Your DIY Creativity with Bricks

designer sidewalk with bricks
AbhimainesCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

19. Get those Rounded Rocky Slabs

stone walkway rounded
Mojmir ChuravyCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

20. Build an Amazing Looking Rock Garden

florida rock walkway
IconlandscapesolutionsCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Last Words

So these are the most creative sidewalk landscaping ideas that you can set up in your yard. Choose the stone slab design as it is open for the simplest and most affordable. But you are free to choose the others if you like them.

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