Build a Simple Pond with Rock Edging

20 Creative Pond Landscaping Ideas

So here are some of the best pond landscaping ideas for your backyard with different kinds of fish that you will love for sure. All of them are low maintenance, and you will never have to worry about dirt and debris build-up in there.

Yes, you will have to clean the pond occasionally, but not every month. Just a simple cleaning will be enough to maintain the water and keep it fresh year long, and enjoy the fish swimming like an Aquarium in your house. Isn’t it cool?

Pond Landscaping Ideas for Backyard

The only thing you have to take care of is to choose some good-looking fish. Choose a combination of red and white fish, golden fish, and other similar fish that most people do not have in their ponds.

It means trying to make your pond landscape as unique as possible. Okay! So here are your creative pond landscaping ideas for your backyard.

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1. Build a Circular Concrete Pond

Build a Circular Concrete Pond

I am pretty sure that you have seen this kind of pond in your area. It is an easy-to-build and maintain pond that will improve your backyard in a big way if you do a little more landscape design with some good plants around it.

The best part is that you can enjoy the summer and have a cool natural feeling around the pond area, which I feel is very relaxing after a hard day. 

Plus, maintaining it is very easy. You just remove the fish, empty the water, clean the pond, and add new water to enjoy the fish and the surroundings.

All of that will not take more than two hours. That is why I think it is one of the simplest pond landscaping ideas you can set up in your backyard and the front yard (if you want).

2. Build a River Flow like Pond with Red Mulch

Build a Circular River Flow like Pond

Circle your pond with concrete and add red mulch all over the place. If possible, add some river rocks in there. So that it looks like a river bed that is flowing through your backyard. 

The red mulch will help you reduce the dirt and mud around the pond side and will also help reduce any weed buildup in the rainy season. 

Plus, this pond design will also help the fish move freely, as they will think they are in a real river. That is my personal imagination, which may not be true for you. 

But I think that may happen. So it is a great option if you do not mind the budget and the time it takes to set up.

3. Build a Messy Pond with Floating Plants

Build a Messy Pond with Floating Plants

Okay, before you use this pond landscape design, I want you to know that you can not farm all kinds of fish in there like those colorful fish. They will die in the dirt. You have to throw some local fish in there who can survive this.

Not all ponds are made for all fish. You have to select the fish first and then choose the pond according to their living condition. But if you do not want any fish in the pond, then you are good to go.

Just use some plants that flower over the water. No matter the shape and design, all of the designs will look good and will give your forest life vibe in your backyard as it looks very messy. Try it.

4. Build a Simple Pond with Rock Edging

pond design with rocks
stonescape on flickr

Some people like a simple design, and if you are one of them, this pond idea will fit you.

Just lay some rocks as edging and set up a pond in the shade where the water does not receive too much sunlight and gets heated up.

Then plant some big grasses along with it to make it look more closely to nature. And then change the water occasionally, and you are done.

5. Build a Luxury Pond in the Backyard

Build a Luxury Pond in the Backyard

Indeed, it is a luxurious pond that you can set up in the backyard with a waterfall, floating plants in plastic pots, and privacy plants all around the pond. It is one of the most expensive pond landscaping ideas on my list.

Plus, maintaining his pond will take a huge effort as you have to hire someone to maintain it weekly like changing the water, checking the waterfall system, cleaning, and other small landscape management around the pond. Yes, it is expensive but looks amazing. Isn’t it?

6. Build a Big Pond with Permanent Stone Edging

Build a Big Pond with Permanent Stone Edging

If you want a permanent solution, then you should build the edge permanently and dig deep in the pond without any concrete underneath it but the natural mud. So that your fish can live there freely and lay eggs.

Use this idea only if you are trying to farm a few local fish in our backyard. Just change the water in a few months, and you are good to go. You will have the least maintenance in this pond design.

7. Build a Designer Pond with Concrete

Build a Designer Pond with Concrete

If you want a clean pond with no extra landscape design around the pond, then this may suit you. Just build the pond area and design it with concrete and tiles or stone that people use on the floor.

It will not get too dirty and will last long without any heavy maintenance. Try it.

8. Build a Rocky Fish Pond

small pond landscaping
Mojmir ChuravyCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

9. Just Circle the Pond with River Rocks

pond garden
julie corsi on Flickr

10. Build it Like a PRO

small farm pond

11. Make it Flow Like a River

lake landscaping

12. Set Up a Small Fountain

water fountain landscaping

13. Enjoy the Small Waterfall

classy pond
Lee in Flickr

14. Let the Plant Grow There Autometically

backyard big pond
via Wikimedia Commons

15. Build this Simple Pond

simple pond
JerzyjanCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

16. Use Your Old Sruff as Your Pond

pond and tub
Spider.Dog from United KingdomCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

17. Build This Eye Cathing Pond

a beautiful pond
Devra on Flickr

18. Build it In the Middle of Your Yard

rocky pond

19. Build this Old Age Fountain

pond fountain
Daniel Enchev on Pxhere

20. Plant Flowers Arounf it

river rock pond
scrapkat1 on Flickr

Last Words

So these are the best pond landscaping ideas for your backyard I can suggest you farm all kinds of fish based on your taste, personality, season, and mood. Now choose the one that you like the most and start the work. I wish you the best of luck.

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