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15 Creative Vertical Garden Ideas

Here are some creative vertical garden ideas that you can set up in the backyard or the front door area to enhance the overall look and feel of your house.

These garden ideas are DIY. You can set them up at home without any professional help. Just choose one, arrange the tools it needs, and build it.

Creative Vertical Garden Ideas

Okay, now explore those vertical gardens. But let me tell you that you have to do a little maintenance on them to keep them fresh all year long and also sometimes you have to change the pots if they are broken somehow. So here are your vertical garden ideas.

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1. Mix Lighting and Vertical Plants

Mix Lighting and Vertical Plants

I think it is one of the modern landscape design that not many people knows about. Just look at it and feel the design.

To set this one up, you need a few metal wires that you can set up in a way so that those climbing plants can climb there and produce a good vibe. Then, use lighting at a comfortable distance and design this masterpiece.

Yes, it will take good effort and money to build. But will improve your backyard in a big way. Try, and you will never regret it. 

2. Use Plastic Bottles to Build a Vertical Garden

Use Plastic Bottles to Build a Vertical Garden

Everyone has plastic bottles in their house. Some bottles are big in size, and some are small. Do not throw them away in the trash can but use them to build a DIY vertical garden just like it.

Choose those big plastic bottles and cut holes in them at a good distance and the design as you want. Then, fill the bottle with soil, some fertilizer, and obviously water on a daily basis to let the seeds grow. 

Set them up in your front door or in the fence line in good numbers, and you will see the amazement of this garden idea.

3. Use Hanging Wood Pots for the Garden

Use Hanging Wood Pots for garden

This idea will take the most effort to build but will look amazing if you set them in your backyard in a good number that fills the backyard completely.

Just join some woods in a way that lets the soil fit there and then plant your favorite plants in them, just like the plastic bottle garden idea. The idea is similar, but here you are using wood design instead of plastics.

And one more thing, you have to hang them for a better view in large numbers. If you can not, then it’s okay. That will also look good. The decision is up to you. 

4. Build a Wooden Level Garden Base

Build a Wooden Level Garden Base

If you know a little bit of woodwork, it will not be hard for you to build. Just cut a few blocks of wood in the shape, join them together, and then paint them according to your choice.

After that, add soil, seeds, and water And you are ready to build your garden. Set them up where you want, and it will look amazing. Easy peasy. 

5. Let Climbing Tree to Climb Freely

Let Climbing Tree to Climb Freely

Just plant some climbing trees under your wall, in the garage, or any other space, and let them grow as they want. Do not disturb them until they are too messy. Then you can cut a few and maintain the area.

Those plants will fully cover your wall giving you a forest-like vibe. I think this idea is one of the best vertical garden ideas for a natural lover.

6. Hang Plants in Baskets

Hang Plants in Baskets

Get some wooden baskets and hang your plants in there. Set them up in a way that creates a design. You can also use colorful plastic pots for this purpose. 

But I prefer the wooden branched pots that will give me a natural vibe. You will be amazed when those plants will roll over your floor, creating an amazing hill-like look.

7. Use Small Climbing Plants on Walls

Use Small Climbing Plants on Walls

Only use this idea if you have a wall in the backyard. It is not that suitable for wooden fence lines or any other thing. Okay.

Plant a few small odd-shaped plants in the ground and let them climb the wall themselves. But do not let them grow freely. Maintain them so that they do not cover the whole wall but keep their distance.

8. Buy A Vertical Wall for The Garden

vertical landscape design
GreenwallCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons / cultivar413 on flickr

9. Just Hang Pots over the Wall

vertical garden in pots

10. Set Up Raised Beds Vertically

vertical plants

11. Do Some DIY Garden Designs like These

DIY vertial garden / wiccahwang on flicker

12. Use Small Pots and Hang Them

potted vertical garden

13. Build an Apartment with Pots

potted plants

14. Corner the Gardne with a Garden Bed

vertical garden with raised bed

15. Make it Look Like a Forest

vertical landscape design

Last Words

So these are the creative vertical garden ideas that I like the most. Set them up according to your overall landscape design so that it does not look odd. Hire a designer if you are new to garden design for a better look. Good luck.

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