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15 Creative Tree Landscaping Ideas

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So here are some of the amazing tree landscaping ideas that can improve your curb appeal and make the front yard more attractive. But you should choose the design according to our tree and the surroundings. Otherwise, it will not fit.

Some of the ideas may require a professional to build them, and some you can set up at home like the wooden bed with flowers will take professional and the stone design, you can do it at home.

Best Tree Landscaping Ideas

One more thing these tree landscaping ideas are low maintenance and budget friendly. So you do not have to worry about the money parts. I have got you. So let us start with the hedge design.

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1. Circle it with Beautiful Stones

tree circle landscape
Heart Windows Art on flicker

2. Build Small Hedges Along the Tree

build small hedges along the tree

Build a small hedge around your tree if you have a lot of them. A long hedge cover may not be required if you have a few of them. Just circle the tree root with the simple hedge, and you are done.

You can also use other plants like a hedge around the tree to hide it. Both work pretty well. But the first one may take some extra effort to build and maintain. It is up to you.

3. Fill The Area With Red Mulch

Fill The Area With Red Mulch

Use red mulch if you see a lot of weeds, dirt, and mud build up in the yard. And for that, the tree roots are getting too messy. Lay some red or black mulch in the area and cover it up compote.

Also, plant a few green plants with it so that it does not look too reddish. It will not cost you heavy money, but you need to buy a good amount of red mulch bag to set this design up. So use it if your yard always remains wet.

4. Add Small White Stones Around the Tree Roots

Add Small White Stones Around the Tree Roots

Just clean the tree area and add stones with cement or sand. Make sure they are fixed in one place, or else the view will scatter. This idea is one of the simplest tree landscape ideas on my list.

It looks good and repels in the sun. But you can also use black, grey, or any other colored stones to have the effect. Explore it and thank me later.

5. Set Up Colorful Flowers Around the Tree

Set Up Colorful Flowers Around the Tree

You may have seen this one as it is quite popular. Plant some small flowers around the tree in different colors and wait for a few weeks. When they bloom, you will see the magic.

You can also add a pumpkin or any other colorful vegetable plant around it to have a better effect on the overall color design. The options are unlimited for you to try.

6. Landscape Around Tree Using Simple Plants

Landscape Around Tree Using Simple Plants

Now, if you do not want any heavy designs, then I recommend you to use some simple plants that can automatically grow in the tree area and also produce flowers.

Just throw some seeds in there of your choice and let them grow. Do not cut or maintain them. Let them grow as they want. 

Some will be big in size, and some will be short. Just leave them. After a few weeks, you will see the tree root is hidden completely, and the area looks pretty well.

7. Border The Area with Stone in a Circle

Border The tree Area with Stone in a Circle

Get some odd-shaped brown-looking rocks and circle the tree area as a layer to build a landscape design. The idea is very easy and you can set it up in a few hours.

Then plant a few plants inside the circle to make the design complete. That is what you have to do to make the tree area beautiful. 

8. Circle It with Wood and Plants 

Circle the Tree with Wood and Plants

You can also circle the tree area with wood, fallen branches, or PVC pipes. Then again, plant some green plants inside it to enhance its beauty.

If you want a more natural appeal, then I recommend you use the wood design and set them up in a way that looks like a part of the tree. Use your creativity and design in your own way.

9. Plant Arborvitaes Around the Tree Roots

tree landscaping with flower

10. Circle it with Concrete

tree landscaping
Photograph by Mike Peel ( BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

11. Add Some Mulch to It

tree landscape with mulch

12. Add a Circular Bench

tree sitting area
CorradoxCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

13. Combine Different Flowers

flowers and tree root

14. Edge it with Bricks

tree landscaping 1
JMKCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

15. Build a Circular Edge with Stones

Japanese Bonsai Tree
DestinationFearFanCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

My Recommendations

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Last Words

So these are the most creative tree landscaping ideas that you can use to hide the tree roots and also improve the beauty and curb appeal of your yard in a big way. 

Hire someone who has done the job before to have less work on maintenance. Good luck.

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