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11 Best Lawn Mower Storage Ideas

Here are the best lawn mower storage ideas for your small yard to store it securely. These storage ideas are strong and can last a decade if you treat them well and do some cleaning occasionally.

Plus they also do not cost much. Just choose the material build you need, like a wooden build, tin, or concrete build.

Yes, the concrete will cost more but, they are very popular among professionals. I recommend you get a ready-made tin or steel-made storage.

1. Get a Ready-Made Wooden Storage

lawn mower storage
rubbermaid on Flickr

This one is my favorite and is available everywhere. Just do not forget to paint it. Okay!

2. Build a Small Storage House in the Corner

lawn mower home
tmib_seattle on Flickr

This wooden house does not cost that much especially if you know the DIY work. I would say, gather your old wood slices if available, and make a house like this one. If you have to buy the wood then leave it.

3. Build a Tiny Storage Room in the Yard

lawn mower DIY home
anoldent on Flickr

Do not think it is an old-age toilet. Okay, it looks like that but you can use it as storage for your small yard. The lawn mower will perfectly fit there.

4. Get a Lawn Mower Storage with Closets

lawn mower box
grantlairdjr on Flickr

You can buy this one online and it is very strong. Just do not place it under a tree. If the branch falls down on it, then it will get crushed.

5. Build a DIY Tin Shade Storage

lawn mower shade
SteelMaster Buildings on Flickr

You can build this shade storage. Just get those tools and hire someone to help you out. You do not need any professional to build this one. A small storage room will be enough, not that big one. Do not go for perfection. Okay!

6. Build a Attached Shed for the Lawn Mower

lawn storage
W.carterCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

7. Make Room for Your Lawn Mower

lawn mower house
mtneer_man on Flickr

If you have an old storage room and you want a new one then don’t. Make room for the mower and fit it there. No need to spend more money unless you are a professional. Think a bit and you will find the way.

8. Buy a Colorful Storage for Outdoor

lawn mower yard storage

I can not guarantee you can get this color. But you can always paint it. These are mostly vinyl-made and last for years. Again do not place it under a tree. That’s it.

9. Just Order a Storage House Online

DIY lawn mower storage
scead on Flickr

Just order this storage online. They make a lot of them and can transfer it to your house. Yes, it will cost close to the concrete build house but it is the strongest one and ready-made. If you want a strong house then get his one.

10. Get Vinyl Storage for Your Lawn Mower

lawn mower tin house
rubbermaid on Flickr

You can also get vinyl storage and print it as you want like the above idea. But the design is different. Do not choose the one that has a window as it can get broken and water will pour in. Get a closed one.

11. Built it Yourself at Home

lawn mower
rubbermaid on Flickr

Okay, forget everything I have told you. Know that you can build anything at home by just joining all the wood or plastic at home. Get a few tools and start the work, it will take just a day. At least give it a try if you have time.

Last Words

Now pick one of these storage ideas that may suit your yard and your budget. But I prefer the wooden storage or at least the tin built as the house ideas will cost good money.

If you are planning for decades then go for it, for a few years, get ready-made storage. Good luck.

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lawn mower storage
garden tool rack
AdolfobrigidoCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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Lawn Mower storage shed ideas

Featured image: Hedwig StorchCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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