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20 Best Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

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So here are some of the best low maintenance front yard landscaping that you can set up easily at home. Some designs may take a few days more to build than others but will last longer, giving you a low maintenance facility.

But you should choose the design that fits your front yard, not the one that seems to be the best. That is why your own creativity will take action here. 

And one more thing, these are surely low maintenance but may cost you a bit more than normal landscape designs. So keep that in mind. So here we go.

Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping

When we talk about low maintenance landscaping, we discuss weed cleaning, dirt management, and dryness of the yard. If your yard gets too much water, it will be hard to maintain it. 

In that case, you have to use either stone, mulch, or any other design that does not attract specks of dirt in the yard. If that is not the case, you are free to choose any ideas you want.

I have listed both here in a set matter so you can design according to your landscape area and the weather conditions throughout the year.

Okay, now hire a professional landscape designer and build your front yard using these ideas to have the best effect. So here are your low maintenance front yard landscaping ideas.

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1. Go for Artificial Landscape Designs

Go for Artificial Landscape Designs

My first idea is the artificial grass that people use in their front yard. Just buy them according to your space and design to set them up. You will never have to maintain the grass. Just a little cleaning once a month will be enough.

As I said earlier, some landscape design may cost you a bit, and this idea is one of them. So if budget is not a problem, then go for it as I think it is the best low maintenance front yard landscaping idea out there.

2. Add Stone Pavers in the Front Yard

Add Stone Pavers in the Front Yard

You have seen stone pavers in people’s front yards or at least on the walkway, right? Build a smaller design in your front yard using big stones, bricks, or small river stones.

It will take many days to build. But when it is completed, then you will the beauty and the exposure it gives to your house. Hire a professional to set this up for better management and look. 

3. Use Creative Lighting in the Yard 

Use Creative Lighting in the Yard

Use lighting ideas only for a small front yard. If you do not have much space in the front, then use some lighting designs with plants to build your landscape area.

People use special lighting on special occasions, but I recommend you use them every night if you do not worry about electricity bills. 

But set them in a way that does not reflect too much light and cause irritation. Set them up in a normal position that people love. Use your creativity.

4. Create Space for Outdoor Living

Create Space for Outdoor Living

Now, this idea is another simple low-work idea on my list. Just set up some chairs in the outdoor space and use some small rocks or mulch on the ground.

You can use your indoor chairs and table for this purpose. But if the rain is a probe for you, then you can shade it or use stone chairs, which will cost you a bit more.

5. Add Pebbles to the Landscape Area

Add Pebbles to the Landscape Area

Pebbles are also great options for low maintenance front yard landscaping. Just buy some of the pebbles and them up in the form of a bricklayer.

You can also spread them in the yard with a few green plants around it that are not too big in size. They cost less and will not give you headaches to maintain as there will be less weed and dirt to manage. Try it.

6. Design Your Landscape Area with Bricks and Stones

Design Your Landscape Area with Creative Bricks and Stones

Another low maintenance landscaping idea is to use either stone or brick as a wall in your landscape area. You can use stones as border edging or a pavement around the tree.

The design is not limited to stone and bricks. You can also use wood, concrete, and metals to have the same effect. It is your creativity and how you like it.

7. Use Mulch More and Add Less Water

Use Mulch More and Add Less Water

I think the best way to have less dirt in the yard is to use mulch all over the area. Get some black or brown mulch and spread them in your yard, under the tree roots, and in that area where you have seen a lot of mud and dirt build-up.

And please do not water the plants too often unless the soil is dry. It will help reduce your maintenance work and give you peace. If you want a balanced low-work design, choose this one as it is cheap and works perfectly. 

8. Set Up a Small Patio

low maintenance yard
Field Outdoor Spaces on Flickr

9. Build a Rocky Flower Bed

low maintenance landscaping
IsaacvpCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

10. Combine Mulch and Rocks

front yard ideas
Justin Snow on Flickr

11. Build a Rocky Yard

low maintenance backyard
stonescape on Flickr

12. Separate Your Plant with Black Mulch

low maintenance front yard
Tom Britt on Flickr

13. Plant Any Colorful Flowers

Rosa eleanor
SalicynaCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

14. Let the Grass Fill the Gaps

walkway with grass and rocks
Patrick Standish on Flickr

15. Plant Arborvitaes for Hedging

plant arborviates for hedging
Sightline Institute on Flickr

16. Build a Water Fountain

water fountain garden
Photo taken by DozenistCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

17. Plant Vines in Your Front Door

front lawn garden and walkway
Sightline Institute on Flickr

18. Build a Small Vegetable Garden

simple backyar dgarden
woodleywonderworks on Flickr

19. Have Some Chairs and Enjoy

Backyard Chicken Coop
Traveling MermaidCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

20. Set Up a Small Pond

backyard pond garden and landscaping

My Recommendations

Decorate your yard with these low-maintenance ideas.

Lay Black Mulch to Reduce Weeds (Best Overall)

Build a Vegetable Garden (Most Affordable)

Add Stone Pavers for Decoration (Premium Quality)

Last Words

So these are the best low maintenance front yard landscaping ideas that I think will suit you unless you are too worried about budget. Keep the water and rain in mind, and then choose a good design that fits your landscape area. Good luck.

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