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How to Hide Transformer Box in Your Yard Beautifully

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So how to hide transformer box in yard? It is not a difficult task. But you should measure your transformer accurately before setting up a box. There are different types of transformer boxes available in the market. You can buy and install them directly in your yard or build them yourself at home (if you want).

I will share both and tell you the best way to hide your transformer box in your yard. So that it does not attract too many eyes and the feeling in your house remains the same as before.

Why is there a Transformer in my Yard

Radiotrefoil, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you are wondering why there is a transformer box in my yard but not in my neighbor’s and what it does, then let me explain it to you in the most prominent way.

If you do not have overhead power lines, a small transformer is required to manage the electrical power coming to your house. They are installed in people’s yards.

These transformers change the voltage from higher to lower levels for people to use for their home appliances, electronics, lighting, and other purposes. If yours is in the front line, use these ideas and learn how to hide transformer box in yard.

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How to Hide Transformer Box in Yard

But before you buy or build a box, you should measure the transformer and keep in mind that there should be some air gap in there for the transformer to function accurately and manage the heat.

If your measurement is too big or too short, the box will look too big, making it odd and too small to cause damage to the transformer. And also look after the wires and cable. You also have to manage them inside the box effectively.

Please note: Handling a transformer is risky as it is a live connection with over 200 volts. Call a professional if you are not that familiar with electrical equipment. Be very careful and use proper protection before you even try. It is for educational purposes only, not a direct recommendation.

1. Select a Pre-Built Transformer Cover

Select a Pre-made transformer box Cover

You can order pre-made transformer covers that are available in the market. Those boxes do not cost too much. It is the easiest solution to your yard problem. These boxes are available in a retail store or can be ordered for you especially.

No matter which type of transfer box you choose, make sure it fits the transformer and is weather resistant.

Check the material before you order. Order a durable and ideal box for your locality that does not raise any concerns. But avoid wooden boxes if you live in a wet area where the soil is wet most of the months.

2. Hide the Transformer with Potted Plants

Hide the Transformer with Potted Plants

You can also try hiding the transformer with potted plants. These plants are an easy and effective way to hide any utility box. You can plant them directly on the ground or use pots for a better view.

If you feel that plants in the ground may damage the transformer, then use pots or any container and then use them to shade the transformer box. It is easy and very cost-effective but it takes time to grow those plants.

3. Screen off the Transformer Using a Fence 

Screen off the Transformer using a Fence

The third idea on how to hide transformer box in yard is to fence it completely. So that no one can see the box. Then use some plants for a better view of it.

You can build a wooden fence or any fence suitable for you and your budget. It is the best way to hide these boxes. It will give complete security in your yard, especially if you have kids in your house.

4. Built a Garden Around The Transformer Box

Built a Garden for The Transformer Box

You can also build a permanent garden around it. But know what type of plants are suitable for this. The underground wiring system has many wires that are going through your yard. If you plant a big and heavy tree, then it may damage those underground wires.

That is why build a small garden with small trees that will look good and will not cause any damage to the electric system. Call a local landscaping expert for a better overview of this.

5. Use Wooden Fixtures to Hide the Box

Use Wooden Fixtures to hide transformer box

The last idea on how to hide transformer box in yard is to use a wooden fixture. Again if your yard is wet, this idea is not helpful. If it is not, buy some wood and build a box for it. You can build it at home, but hiring a carpenter is better for more accuracy.

Then you can add flower vases on top of the wooden box to make it more visually appealing for your yard. It is budget-friendly and will protect your yard from any electrical hazards.

6. Hide it with a Privacy Screen Kit (Recommended)

transformer box in yard
Chabe01, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Just buy the privacy screen kit and let the plants grow around it and you will see in a few weeks, that they will cover up the box with a beautiful landscaping touch to it.

7. Hide it with a Simple Wooden Fence

wooden fence for transformer
Gary J. Wood on Flickr

If you want an instant solution go for this wooden fence. Simple and does the job. But it will not last long in the open space. Mind that.

8. Let the Plants Grow Automatically

how to hide transformer box in yard

Just let the plants grow automatically and they will cover the box beautifully. Make sure to plant some flowers with it so that it does not look like weeds but a beautiful garden design.

9. Plant Arborvitaes to Block the View

arborvitae for hiding
HristovskaCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Arborvitae or Thuja plants are perfect to block the view or to hide the box securely. But monthly maintenance is needed. It is best for landscaping.

10. Build a Wall Around it

brick wall

For a permanent solution, you should build a wall so that you do not have to do anything year after year to maintain the surroundings.

Which One Do I Recommend?

I recommend you hide your transformer box with a ready-made wooden fence and then grow some climbing plants nearby so it looks like you have done decoration there in your yard. No one will be able to tell there is a transformer box.

You can also use the fence as it is, and it will look good. You can paint it, if you want, or buy some artificial fence plants to cover it up.

My Recommendation

Buy any of these wooden transformer box covers and maintain your landscape design.

Last Words

So how to hide the transformer box in the yard? I think you have got your answer. Hiding with plants is the best solution, but if you can not wait long, buy a pre-made box. But be careful. It is dangerous to deal with a high-voltage transformer. Protect yourself first and then hide it. Call a professional.

Hide Electrical Box in Yard FAQs

Why is there a Transformer in my Yard?

If you do not have overhead power lines, a small transformer box is required to manage the electrical power supply coming to your house. That is why you have it in your yard.

Can I hide the transformer box in my yard?

Yes, you can hide the electric transformer box using a fence or a wooden box or cover it up with some plants.

How to hide my transformer box in my yard?

The best way to hide a transformer box is to use a wooden fence and then plant some climbing plants near it so that it can cover the fence to make a new design.

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Transformer Box Cover Ideas
transformer box cover and landscaping ideas
transformer box cover ideas
Transformer box Cover and Landscaping ideas
Transformer box cover ideas
Transformer box Cover and Landscaping ideas

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