How many watts does a Refrigerator Use Per Month

How Many Watts Does a Refrigerator Use in 2023

So how many watts does a refrigerator use? A refrigerator uses 100 to 500 watts of electricity per hour on average. But it can vary on various factors, like the size, rutting time, season and climate, temperature set, and the freezer.

I will explain how many watts it consumes, the average cost monthly and yearly, and how to save electricity using a few homemade tips. So first, understand what can affect the electricity consumption of your refrigerator.

Factors That Determine How Much Electricity Will be Used

how many watts does a refrigerator use

On average, the Department of Energy says that most refrigerators only run on maximum power for about 8 hours daily. Although they have the power supply all the time. But these numbers may vary depending on several factors.

  • How many people are using it: If you have people using the same fridge and opening it constantly for food, the machine will run more as it needs to cool down more often.
  • Temperature beside it: If your fridge is in a warm place, it may have to run frequently and longer causing more watt consumption. On the other hand, a cool place will help the refrigerator consume less wattage.
  • Seasonality: Fridges run less during winter and more in summer, thus consuming energy accordingly.
  • Thermostat Settings: You can adjust the temperature settings on your fridge easily using the thermostat. The lower the temperature, the more watt consumption there will be.

After understanding these factors, you can be sure that the below calculation is close to accurate and can rely on them. Now let’s understand how many watts does a refrigerator uses every month.

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How many Watts does a Refrigerator Use (Monthly and Yearly)

Factors That Determine refrigerator Watt's Uses

Why am I using the actual uses, not the rated one on the refrigerator? Because all modern refrigerator is automatic. They do not run continuously, or at least you will never run them for 24 hours and 365 days straight.

Its watt consumption stops when the temperature inside reaches a cerian level and then restarts when it needs to consume electricity. That is why the actual wattage differs compared to the watt rating.

Most refrigerators have a power-saving sticker that says only consume 300 units per year or 300 kWh per year if you run it 24 hours, 365 days which is uncommon for most people.

If you do not have the energy-saving sticker, then the energy consumption data will be there (300 watts per hour).

How to Calculate The Watt Consumption and the Cost

How to Estimate The Watt Consumption of Your Refrigerator

Let’s say it is 300 watts. I am also assuming you will run your refrigerator about 10 hours a day (considering the summer and winter seasons). As in summer it till run more and in winter less. I am averaging both seasons. So here is your watt calculation will like.

  • Watt per day = 300*10 = 3000 watt = 3 kW
  • Monthly = 3*30 = 90 kW
  • Monthly cost = 90*0.180 = 16.2 (dollars)
  • Yearly cost= 16.2*12 = 194.4 (dollars)

The average unit cost is $0.180 in the US. If you live in a different country, you have to use your unit cost for the calculation.

  • Europe has the highest electricity cost, with $0.30 to $0.55 per unit, whereas Asia has the lowest, from $0.01 to $0.15, except for South Asian countries like Japan ($0.25) and Singapore ($0.22). In North and South America and Australia, it is about $0.15 to $0.22.

But if we calculate that considering the refrigerator will run 24 hours a day, then the total watt consumption will be

  • Watt per day = 300*24 = 7200 watt = 7.2 kW
  • Monthly = 7.2*30 = 216 kW
  • Monthly cost = 216*0.180 = 38.88 (dollars)
  • Yearly cost= 38.88*12 = 466.56 (dollars)

So you can expect that you will have to spend about 200 dollars yearly on the refrigerator’s electricity consumption which can vary on the size, power rating, and run time.

How to Reduce the Power Consumption of Your Fridge

How to Reduce the Power Consumption of Your Refrigerator

So now you know how many watts does a refrigerator use. Now it is time to learn how to reduce it in the simplest way. However, if your fridge is using more than expected, then know that there is a problem with it. Call an expert to repair it.

Here are the tips to reduce your electricity consumption.

  • Clean your Fridge: If you have not cleaned the dust on the back of your fridge, the fans, and the air vents, it may cause more power consumption as it will block the path, and the system will work harder if they are clogged. Clean that debris every few months to help the whole system run smoothly.
  • Check for Leaks in the Door: If the rubber seals in your fridge door are broken or peeled off, the cool air will go out by the leak. In that case, your fridge will work harder to main the temperature. Check it and make sure the door is okay.
  • Adjust the Temperature: You will see that there is temperature control in the fridge design for different seasons. Rotate the switch according to the season, and the watt consumption may reduce.

These are the basic ways to save electricity consumption for your fridge. Call a professional if you see a huge watt consumption.

Last Words

So how many watts does a refrigerator use? About 100 to 500 watts with an average cost of $200 yearly. Its watt consumption will vary depending on the various factor and the cost. Take care of your refrigerator, and it will help you save more energy.

Fridge Wattage FAQs

Fridge Wattage FAQs

How many watts does a fridge use per month?

On average, a fridge uses 90 units per month with normal uses and with the power-saving sticker on.

How much does a fridge cost every month?

A fridge will cost you about $16 per month or less based on average run time and power saving sticker on it.

Do fridges use a lot of electricity?

No! On average, a fridge uses 90 units per month or 1080 units per year considering both summer and winter seasons and balancing them.

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