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10 Best Electrical Box Cover Ideas

So if you are looking for some amazing electrical box cover that will hide your electrical panel beautifully and make it unnoticeable, then you are in the right place.

Here I will give you seven creative and cost-effective ideas to cover that electric panel in your house that you want to get vanished from your house. So here we go.

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Electrical Box Cover Ideas (Indoor and Outdoor)

But let me tell you, some municipalities do not allow you to cover up that electrical panel for various reasons. For example, if a fire breaks out, they can turn off the circuit further saving other areas from catching fire.

This law is applicable in a few areas of the country. But be safe and ask your electrician and people in the municipality. You do not want to mess this law up. So let’s go.

1. Build a Wooden Cabinet 

Build a Wooden Cabinet for your electrical panel

Build a DIY wooden cabinet for the panel. Hide a professional, or you can build it your own if you know a bit about woodwork. 

Choose a style you like but make sure the electrical panel is accessible and does not stop you in case of an emergency.

2. Attach a Wallpaper

Attach a Wallpaper as a cover for electrical box

You can also use wallpaper to hide it. Those wallpapers are designed especially for electrical panels and will withstand heat if needed. Select the one that goes with your wall and interior design and set it up. 

Plus, these wallpapers will protect you if there is a small fire. But I would prefer the wooden box as it looks more elegant and classy. But for an instant fix, you can go for the wallpaper.

3. Use Any Wall Art

Use Any Wall Art to cover you electrical box

If you like art, you can set them up as an electrical box cover to hide it. Poster frames are also popular for these kinds of indoor equipment. You can also set up a world map with it to make it look like a part of the map. 

There are thousands of art designs for walls for you to try. But buy the one that goes with your will design, and do not make it look odd. 

4. Rustic Wooden Cover

get a rustic Wooden electrical panel Cover

Rustin wooden covers are pre-built, and you can buy them online. They come in different varieties and styles. Yes, rustic wood comes with the art portion, but I like to separate it for its elegant and rich look. I am sure you will like this one if you take a look. 

5. Use a Small Mirror

Use a Small Mirror as cover for the electrical panel

Some people go beyond the creative world and install a mirror over the panel, and it works wonderfully. Just buy a good-looking mirror and install it over the panel.

It will hide the electrical box and also improve our interior design. One shot, two hits.

6. Use a Pretty Wall Calendar

Use a Pretty Wall Calendar as cover

The calendar is also among the best electrical box cover ideas that many homeowners use. Just buy a good-looking calendar and set it up there. It is easy and quick. 

7. Use a Curtain as a Cover

use a Curtain as Cover

Some homeowners also use curtains to hide their electrical panels, and it looks good. Buy the color and the design you want, and use a hook to cover the box. It is simple and does the job as a cover.

8. Just Install Them

fuse box ideas
Dmitry G, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

9. Buy a Secured Metal Cover

circuit breaker panel
BrokenSphere, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

10. Build this DIY Cover

Image: via Wikipedia

What Cover Idea is the Best?

I love the rustic wood design that comes with different designs. You can have a steel signature rustic wood, a world map, or rustic color art. Make a straight choice, and go for it. Do not think much.

Last Words

So these are the most creative electrical box cover ideas you can buy online based on your interior design. Choose the one that not only looks good but is also accessible. You need to turn off the circuit breaker sometimes. 

So buy the cover, keeping that in mind. Give safety your topmost priority. Good luck.

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