parts of a lamp with Socket Replacement Ideas

Top 10 Parts of a Lamp (with Socket Replacement Ideas)

So you want to know all the parts of a lamp? Good! You have come to the right place. Let me tell you there are many different things in a lamp on both the table and floor lamps, and I will explain them all.

We will start with the basics like lampshades, screws, and light bulbs and then move on to more complex parts like sockets, plugs, wiring, and the power supply.

Ten Important Parts of a Lamp with Socket Replacement Ideas

By understanding the basic things of a lamp, you can troubleshoot any small problem at home without calling a professional. But if you are new, I recommend you hire them, as these are dangerous.

Before you go forward let me tell you that the biggest problem people face is the lamp socket. They need a lamp socket replacement. Do not worry, I will explain how you can do that later in this article (jump to point no 8).

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1. Lampshade

Lampshade of a lamp

Lampshade is the overall frame design that sits on the top of the lamp bulb. The shade protects your eyes from the bulb’s brightness but delivers the necessary light. That top cover is called the lampshade. 

The shade is built from different materials, like plastic, fabric, metal, and glass. It has a decorative knob that you can use to open it up. Some lampshades are fixed with the bulb. You can not remove them separately. So when removing them, be extra careful.

2. Different Kinds of Screws

Different Kinds of Screws for lamp repair

There are many different types of nuts you will see there. But the two most important nuts are Tube Nuts and Lock Nuts.

  • Tube Nuts: The tube knot helps connect the lampshades to the lamp base. 
  • Lock Nuts: The lock nut helps secure the light bulb in place. 

If any of the nuts is got loose or breaks, the whole light bulb will wobble. So make sure they are tight.

3. Light Bulb

Light Bulb of a table lamp

The light bulb is one of the top parts of a lamp. It can be different for different lamps. The older table lamps use a 120-watt lamp that drains electricity in huge numbers. But modern lamps are under 10 watts. Although you are open to using any lamp you want. 

4. Lamp Stand 

Table and floor Lamp Stand 

The stand and the base are visible from the outside. The stand is the holder of the lamp, and the wire is also going through it. It serves many purposes. If you open it, you will see. But that is not recommended to deal with wires unless needed.

5. Lamp Base

base of a lamp

The base has wiring and an electric system to run the lamp smoothly. Do not open the lamp base unless needed. But some lamps do not have a base. They stand up using the stand. 

6. Lamp Switch

Switch of a lamp

Some lamps have an inbuilt electrical switch, a hanging chain as a switch, or some sough of sensor that works as a switch, but most have not. In most lamps, it is located on the electrical outlet. You can choose any switch you want. It is a great option for designing your table lamp area.

7. Insulation Sleeve for the Wires

Insulation Sleeve for the Wires

The insulation sleeve is a small fabric that goes around the light bulb socket. It helps to protect the electrical wiring and keep it from getting too hot.

8. Lamp Socket

Socket of a lamp

The socket is a part of the lamp that connects to the outlet directly. It is a metal part that has two wires. They go directly to the outlet and provide the power to light up bulbs. Most of the time, this socket gets damaged and needs a replacement.

To fix this issue, get a new lamp socket based on your lamp set up and then open the lampshade and carefully remove the lamp, the screws, and the wires. Place the new socket in there, attach the wires as before and then fit the lamp, and the lampshade.

9. Lamp Plug

electrical plug of a lamp

The plug is the connection to the electrical outlet. Inside it, the socket lives. The whole plastic content is a plug that you put into your home’s electrical outlet and turn on the switch. It has insulation and a metal casing to protect users from electric shocks.

10. Lamp Power Supply

Power Supply for a floor lamp

And one of the last and most important parts of a lamp is the Power. Without it, there will be no light. The single cable helps the power through the lamp and light it up. Be careful when playing with it, as it is dangerous.

Different Parts of a Table Lamp

Parts of a Table Lamp

Here are the parts of a table lamp for your quick view.

  • The Lock
  • Lampshade
  • Lampshade fitting
  • Bulb
  • Socket shell
  • Insulation sleeve
  • Switch
  • Base
  • Body
  • Plug
  • Lamp base
  • Anti-slip material

Different Parts of a Floor Lamp

Parts of a Floor Lamp

Although there is not a big difference in parts of a floor lamp and table lamp. But the below materials are only found in a floor lamp.

  • Lampshade
  • Pole
  • Base
  • Adjuster
  • Breaker

Last Words

So these are the ten most important parts of a lamp for table and floor lamps. If you want to do a repair, be careful, use protection, and handle it with care. Call a professional if you are new. 

Light Fixture Parts FAQs

Lamp Parts FAQs

What is the top part of a lamp called?

The top part of a lamp is called Lampshade. It is the overall frame design that sits on the top of the lamp bulb.

What are the parts of a lamp called?

The different parts of a lamp are called lampshade, light bulb, lamp stand, lamp base, switch, pole, adjuster, breaker, insulation sleeve, electrical socket, plug, and power supply.

How to secure a lamp to a table?

Make sure the base is strong and fits properly without any wobble. If there is a wobble, use a wooden or paper chip to fix it.

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