How to Hide TV Wires without Cutting Wall

How to Hide TV Wires on Wall (Safely)

So how to hide TV wires without cutting wall? I will give you ten genius ideas. They are secure and can go unnoticeable unless you look at them from a close range and obviously without cutting any holes into the wall.

These ideas will help you solve the issue of those jungles of cables and make your TV room good-looking and safe, especially for children if you have one. These wires can cause huge damage if not handled properly.

How to Hide TV Wires without Cutting Wall

How to Hide TV Cables on Wall
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Before you start the work and understand the complete process of how to hide wires on wall, you need a few tools if you want to do it yourself. Go to your nearest hardware store and get them or order them online.

  • A live wire detector
  • A flat saw
  • Spirit level
  • Black tape
  • Raw plugs
  • Brush

You may not need all of them, but having them close to you will help. So here are those ten genius ideas on how to hide TV wires without cutting wall

Please note: Be careful while working which these electrical wires, as they can be harmful to you. Call a professional if you do not have any prior experience. 

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1. Build a Wooden Frame to Cover the Wires

Build a Wood Frame and Cover the TV cables

The best way to hide TV wires is to build a wooden frame. Choose a frame that goes with your other furniture. You can also use paint on it or any fabric to make it more beautiful.

But keep in mind that do not settle the TV wires permanently. You need to make sure that they are accessible when needed. It is the most common TV wire management out there.

2. Hook the Cords in the Back of your Furniture

Hook the TV Cords in the Back of your Furniture

If you have furniture nearby, you can use it to hide your wires or anything big that can be suitable for hiding. Use some plastic clips and combine all the cables in one place and then use those clips to attach them back to your furniture. 

The power supply issue can be solved using an extension cord if it is a bit away from the TV. This idea of how to hide TV wires is also super effective, and most people use it if they start noticing it.

3. Use Conduit Wiring and Paint It 

Build a Race Track and Paint the TV cables

You have seen many race track or conduit wiring in many homes. Use a similar approach, install them on your wall, and paint them the same color as your wall. If your wall has a design, then use the same design here also. It will hide the wire and the race track.

4. Create Wall Art with the TV Cords

Create a Wall Art for the Wires

Let’s test your imagination and see how good you are at wall art creation, as you may need one here to hide your TV wires. It is very stylish if you can put in the effort.

You can use tape, ribbons, stickers, flowers with leaves, paint, or anything else you like on your wall. The idea here is to make the wire unnoticeable without moving them from its initial place.

5. Hide TV Cables Behind Other Objects

hide TV Cords Behind Other Objects

If your TV is on the table and the electric outlet is a bit far away and that is why the TV wires are visible, you can use some plants to hide them. Just place them in front of the wires.

The plants will make your house look and feel better. If you do not like managing a live plant, buy a plastic plant. The effect will be the same. 

6. Rearrange the Room to Hide Your Cables

Camouflage Your TV Wires

The idea here is to replace all of your home items in a way that the TV wires remain unnoticed. It will be visible but not that much like before. You can rearrange all the items near the TV to make this into effect. It is easy and costs you close to nothing. 

7. Hide Your Cables Behind Wall Trim

Hide Your TV Cables Behind Wall Trim

Do you have a trip wall beside our TV? If yes, then you can use it to hide the cables. You will see there is a gap formed. Put the wire inside it and use some cap or cover to hide them. You can also paint the cover for a better look and feel.

These types of channels are found near the fireplace. But remember, you will not be able to remove them so easily if you need to access them for any reason. 

You need to remove the paint first, open the cover, and access the wires, which will take some time. So keep it in mind before going the work. 

8. Create a TV Media Cabinet

Create a Media Cabinet for the Wire

Create a media cabinet just under the TV. If your TV is wall-mounted, this media cabinet is all you need. But you may need to put some screws in the wall for a wood cabinet. But you can use some plastic cabinets also that work on tape or glue. So that you do not need to cut or drill the wall.

9. Use a TV Stand to Hide those Cords

Use a TV Stand to hide wires

I think a TV stand is one of the best ideas on how to hide TV wires without cutting wall. But it will cost you good money. I am not saying go for it and buy a new stand. But you can consider it.

If your pocket suits and you are really disturbed about those TV wires, then why not. There are many colorful TV stands available in the market. Order the stand you like the most.

10. Hide them Behind any Stand

Hide cords Behind the TV Stand

Now you have a TV stand. So use these tips to manage those wires effectively. 

  • First, shorten those wires individually to the length you need. 
  • Separate and group all the cords that go in the same direction.
  • Wind the cables up and tie them with cable ties.

After this step, your TV wires will be much more organized. You can also use plywood on the back of your TV stand and attach the cords to it. It is your imagination and how you use it to hide your cables. 

How to Hide TV Cables Permanently

How to Hide TV Wires on Wall

Here is the step-by-step process on how to hide TV walls effectively if you use any wall design ideas I have shared above.

  1. Mark up the wall with a pencil.
  2. Check the socket area.
  3. Check the cable length.
  4. Decide the wire openings.
  5. Detach the TV wires.
  6. Use any of the above ideas.
  7. Start designing the wall or painting.
  8. Let it dry for a few hours.
  9. Fix all the mistakes.
  10. Then you are done.

Do not attempt anything without prior planning. You may damage the wall design. First, mark it if you are using wall paint or any wall painting design. For other ideas, you may not need these steps. 

What is the Safest Way to Hide TV Wires?

I would say, if you take safety as your top priority, get a cable management box that can be installed anywhere you want and gives complete shock protection. 

Just get a main cable that is connected to your electrical outlet and connect all the plugs to the box. You will have a clean environment, no matter how many devices you use with your TV. All the cords will get managed safely.

Hiding TV Cables FAQs

Hiding TV Wires FAQ

What is the best way to hide TV wires?

Build a wooden box and hide those TV wires inside it or hide them on the back of your furniture or place some live plants in front of it.

Can you hide TV cables without cutting the wall?

Yes, you can. Just use conduit wiring and paint it like your wall or build a wooden box or furniture and hide the TV cables behind them.

How to hide TV cords smoothly?

Rearrange your room in a way that the TV cords go unnoticeable. You can use some plants in front of it to hide those wires.

hide tv cables on wall

Last Words

So this is how to hide TV wires without cutting wall. There are many super easy ideas that I have shared. Use them if you are not familiar with building a cabinet or designing a wall. The idea must be safe and secure, and the wires are accessible easily when needed.

Be careful when dealing with these electric wires. Call a professional if you are not that familiar with it. I wish you the best of luck.

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