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12 Best Utility Box Cover Ideas That Last Long

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Here are some amazing, durable, and long-lasting utility box cover ideas that will hide your green transformer box, well pump, electrical box, power tools, air conditioning units, or any other things you have in the yard. 

These ideas will hide them beautifully and make them unnoticeable to the visitors and you. Plus, it will keep that machine secure from all kinds of damage like dust, debris, storms, insect infestation, and heat so that the machine can last long.

Here I will give you seven creative and cost-effective ideas to cover that utility box in your yard that you want to vanish. So here we go.

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Please note: Some municipalities do not allow you to cover up electrical utility boxes for various safety reasons. Ask your electrician and people in the municipality. So you can be safe from your side. 

Utility Box Cover Ideas 

One more thing no matter what kind of cover you choose, make sure the cover has good airflow options. Otherwise, the utility box will get heated quickly and may damage the equipment.

Choose a utility box cover that looks good and helps the machine cool down. So let go and pick up any of the utility box cover ideas.

1. Build a Wooden Box Cover

utility box cover
Image: Rubbermaid Products on Flickr

Wooden covers for utility boxes are the most common ones, and they look good from every side and maintain the machine from the inside as they have space for airflow.

You can build a fence-like cover for your transformer box, air conditioning unit, electrical box, power tools, well pump, or other equipment that needs to hide outside.

I would say, you buy it directly, as building them will take expertise and time. So it is better to buy and set them up unless you want a new DIY design for your yard. 

2. Build a Small Landscape Around the Utility Box

flower pots scaled

Yes, you can hide your utility boxes with a small landscape design. Plant some Ornamental grasses and shrubs with a few flowers to hide the box, AC unit, or pump.

The best part is that it will feel like a part of your landscape design and go unnoticeable. But the bad side is that those plants may come over the box. You have to cut them down once in a few months.

Landscaping ideas will take maintenance work, but the effect will be natural. It is not like the wooden box cover that you can install once and be done with it. It takes effort to make the surrounding area beautiful. 

3. Buy a Fake Rock to Cover It (Recommended)

fake rock for yard
Cory Doctorow on Flickr

Fake rocks are becoming very popular worldwide as it is easy to buy and install. You just buy the size according to your box or water pump and then cover it up. 

No one will notice that there is a box or pump. It will look like a real stone unless they come close to it and touch it. So check it out, as it is one of the quickest in hiding all kinds of utility boxes outside.

Get it now: Simple Fake Rock Cover

4. Get a Privacy Screen (Also Recommended)

privacy screen
Gary J. Wood on Flickr

Privacy screens are also popular in hiding all kinds of utility boxes, especially for air conditioning units in the outdoor space. Yes, they will notice that there is something hidden but will not know what it is.

Buy it now: Big Wooden Privacy Screen

5. Set Your Old Vinyl Shutters as a Fence

Vinyl Shutters as a Fence
Peter Stevens on Flickr

I am sure you have a few old vinyl shutters in the house that are not in use or some unused old wooden windows or doors. You can use them like a fence-like cover in the yard to hide the utility box. 

But make sure they look good, or the idea will not work. You can paint it if you want. Set them properly and make sure they do not fall in the small wind. 

Plus, plant a few flowers below it to make it look more natural. Make it strong, and beautiful to make it last longer.

6. Hide The Electrical Panel with a Mirror

Hide The Electrical Panel with a Mirror

If your electrical box or panel is located on the wall, you can use a beautiful mirror to cover it up. No one will notice that there is an electrical panel under the mirror. It is a common cover idea, and people use it.

7. Hide It With DIY Wood Cabinets

Hide the utility box With DIY Wood Cabinets

If you do not like mirrors, you can build a small cabinet for it, with doors to open and close, and then paint it like you want so that it goes with the wall design.

You can also buy these wooden cabinets or wood art designs online. They have a lot of cover designs and styles to choose from. I like wooden as it is stronger than the mirror and give full protection to the utilities.

8. Get a Metal Cover

green utility
Image: Bill Smith on Flickr

9. Hone Your DIY Wooden Skills

wooden fence

10. Buy Your Storage Online (Recommended)

utility box for lawn

Get Yours Now: Waterproof Garden Tool Shed Box

11. Get Yourself a Metal Shelve

utility box outdoor
User:Bidgee, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

12. Buy those Metal Covers to Hide the Box

utility box in the yard
Donald Trung Quoc Don (Chữ Hán: 徵國單) – Wikimedia Commons – © CC BY-SA 4.0 International.(Want to use this image?)Original publication 📤: –Donald Trung 『徵國單』 (No Fake News 💬) (WikiProject Numismatics 💴) (Articles 📚) 19:20, 8 October 2020 (UTC), CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What Cover Idea is the Best?

Here are my recommendations for each of the utility boxes.

  • Electrical box: Build a small cabinet with options to open and close.
  • Air conditioner unit: Get a wooden fence-like cover with good airflow space.
  • Transformer box: Build a small landscape design around it.
  • Well pump: Buy a fake rock or cover it up with wooden structures.
  • Other equipment: Get a DIY wood or metal structure.

These are my choice. But you can choose your own. 

Always choose a wood first, then the other thing. Yes, you can get a metal utility box cover for all of these utility boxes. But that may create a heat problem which I do not recommend. Wood is the best and most natural cover for boxes.

My Recommendations

Buy any of these long-lasting utility box covers for your personal needs.

Wooden Fence Cover with Landscaping Ideas (Best overall)

Multi-Purpose White Color Enclosure Panel Cover (Most affordable)

Big Vinyl Privacy Screen Cover (Premium quality)

Last Words

So these are the most creative utility box cover ideas you can build at home or by hiring a professional. Choose the one that not only looks good. But it is also easy to access for maintenance purposes. Give safety and long-lasting your topmost priority. Good luck.

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