how to rewire a lamp

How to Rewire a Lamp at Home (Table and Floor)

So how to rewire a lamp at home? It is easy and only takes a few minutes unless you have never touched an electrical socket and wire-related work or never fixed anything electric before then it may take some time.

Now the main question comes to mind how much wire do I need? You have to measure that by yourself and buy a few meters more so you do not lack anything while cutting and fitting the wire. You can also match the wire color with your lamp or the wall to hide it. 

How to Rewire a Lamp (Table and Floor)

But before you start, you need some tools. Go to your local electrical shop and get those. So your work can become much easier. Here are the electrical tools you need. 

  • Screwdriver
  • Wire stripper
  • Wrench
  • Socket
  • Black tape
  • Same size wire
  • Cable ties

Socket and wire are the must-buys. But the others can be arranged. It is up to you how to get those tools. So let’s start and learn how to rewire a lamp at home.

Please note: Electrical work is dangerous. If you are not confident enough, then call a professional. It is for educational purposes, so be careful with this electrical thing.

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1. Disconnect the Power Supply

Cut the Power Supply first of your lamp

The first step is to cut the power supply completely. Never work on a live electrical wire without cutting the supply. Switch off and pull the socket from the electrical outlet to make the lamp ready to work. 

2. Remove the Lamp Bulb Softly

Remove the Lamp Bulb Softly

Then remove the light bulb softly. So that it does not break. To do that, you can put your hand and pull it out, or you can remove the lampshade and then take it out.

Some lamps have screws in the base. So use a screwdriver and then take it out. If not, then you can use your hand and rotate it softly to make it loose. Then, place the lamp in a safe area if you want to use it again after rewiring the lamp system.

3. Remove the Wires from the Socket 

Remove the Cords from the Socket

Now it is time to remove the cord from the socket. Listen, it is one of the most important parts of how to rewire a lamp. If your lamp does not work after doing all these, know to recheck this socket wiring as most of the time, they loosen up, resulting in a circuit disruption. Then you can check the inside of the lamp.

First, loosen the socket’s screw and remove the cords inside them. Carefully place those screws and other components in a safe place. Then cut your new wire using a wire cutter, peel it off from the inside to remove the insulation, and install them as the old wire was there. 

Then put the screws back and tighten them. Then make sure there are no loose cords. They are correctly attached to the socket. Now you are ready to do the inside work. 

4. Peel off the Wire Insulation 

Remove the Wire Insulation

Now measure the cord length from socket to lamp and cut it down. Then peel it as before to make out the copper wire inside it on the lamp wire side. 

You can use a wire stripper tool to remove the insulation from the wire as needed, then twist the open copper wire for attaching them softly to the lamp system.

5. Now, Connect the Wires

Connect the lamp Wires

After you have done all that, it is time to connect the wires and make the circuit full again. Now bend and twist the wire again and put it under the terminal screw on the lamp. Tighten them well so they do not come out.

You can also put a knot there for more holding power. If you have any excess wire left, do not cut it. Use your cable ties and place them inside the lamp. If you see any copper outside, use black tape and apply it for safety.

6. Test The Lamp

Attach the Socket Plug

Before you reassemble the lamp, test it. So that you can make sure you have done everything right in the rewiring. Plug the socket into the electrical outlet and turn the switch on. 

But be careful, as those electrical cords are open. Do it from a distance and use some hand gloves for safety. 

If the lamp lights up, then you are good to go. If not, first check the socket cords and the lamp cord inside it. Fix it, and it should light up.

7. Reassemble the Lamp with the Bulb

Reassemble the Lamp with Bulb

The next step on how to rewire a lamp is to reassemble the lamp completely. Put everything back as before, like the lamp, lamp shade, socket, and all the screws. Do it slowly so you do not break anything. Now you are done with this electrical lamp rewiring.

Last Words

So how to rewire a lamp at home? You tell me. It is easy, just get those tools and start the work. Be careful and electrical things are not for kids. If you are not confident, call a professional to fix the issue. I wish you the best of luck. 

Rewiring a Table Lamp FAQs

rewiring a lamp FAQs

What tool do I need to rewire the lamp?

You need a screwdriver, wire stripper, wrench, socket, black tape, same-size wire, and cable ties to rewire the lamp successfully.

How do you rewire a table lamp?

First, disconnect the power supply, remove the lamp bulb, and the wires from the socket, then peel off the insulation and connect them together.

Can I rewire a lamp myself?

Yes, you can rewire a lamp by removing the wire first and then securely changing the wire and testing it.

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