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10 Best Natural Pest Killer Ideas That Works

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Here I will give you my favorite natural pest killer ideas that you can prepare at home or set up easily in the house and garden. So that no pests freak you out in the house or destroy your precious garden plants.

There will be some traditional and some new ideas. But do not worry as they are easily available and I will help you prepare them. So here we go.

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1. Spray Neem Oil

We call neem oil nature’s own pest-repellent remedy. It has a strong odor and a bitter taste that no insects, bugs, and all the other pests will able to tolerate.

Simply make a paste with those neem leaves or the neem fruits, mix it with water and spray everywhere. Do not worry it will not harm your plants.

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2. Diatomaceous Earth Powder

Although this powder is considered a chemical one. However, it is a natural remedy that is derived from fossilized algae. It is the ultimate weapon for those pests.

Just spread the powder around the corner of your house and in the garden and you will all those pests who live there will be dead the next morning.

Be careful as this powder can also hurt your pets. So keep them at a safe distance from these powders.

3. Garlic Spray

Again garlic is another excellent nature’s pest control remedy that a lot of people use around the world. Just make a pest mix it with water and then spray it all over the house, just like the neem.

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It is as strong as neem. If you do not have the neem then use garlic instead. It will give you peace.

4. Citrus Peels Spray

Next time you eat some oranges, lemons, or any sour fruits, do not throw the peels away. Instead, smash those peels and make a pest. And then mix it with water and spray all over the house.

The peel of these sour fruits which is called Citrus peels is very strong in repelling pests as it has a strong odor that those insects and bugs do not like. Try it.

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5. Attract Ladybugs in the Garden

Some people also call ladybugs nature’s pest controller as they eat a lot of aphids, mites, and other plant-eating insects and help save your precious plants in the garden.

To attract ladybugs, plant Daisies and Marigolds and they come for sure.

6. Spray Vinegar

How can I forget about the vinegar spray? It is also widely used in controlling pests and even in some pesticide chemicals that we buy from the market.

Just spray with the vinegar without water mixture in the house and all those pests will either die from the acid that the vinegar has or leave the area as it is very uncomfortable for them to smell the scent.

Yes, you can mix water with it but the effect will be less. Mix water only if you have a small infestation and most importantly, mix water if you are spraying on in the garden. As the raw vinegar may burn the plants.

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7. Mint Spray

The refreshing scent of mint is widely known. But this mint scent is not so good for the pests. Smash those mint leaves and spray on them and they will leave.

You can also plant some mint plants in a pot and place them around your garden for long-term relief from all kinds of pests. 

8. Beer Trap

Some pests like slugs like the beer and it has yeast in it. So lure them with a simple beer trap container or dish, fill it with the bear, and leave it in the ground.

Those crawling slugs will come to eat that yeast and die in their drawing. It works for all the crawling bugs. Try it if you have crawlers.

fly trap

9. Use Companion Planting Formula

Companion planting means you will plant some pest control plants along with your regular plants in a way that covers the whole garden.

That way no pest will ever come to the plants that you hold dearly. Because those pest control plans will release strong odors. You can plan Marigolds, Lavender, Mint, Catnip, and Rosemary.

10. Soap Bubble Spray

A soap bubble is also an effective DIY solution. Yes, it is not that natural, but it is available in every household. That is why I suggesting it.

Mix soap with water and create a bubble and then add some sugar to it. The insects, bugs, and other pests will get attracted to and suffocate in the soap bubble and die. Try it it really works.

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Last Words

So these are the best natural pest killer ideas that I think work the best. Yes, there are many more, but in my experience, your pest problem will be solved if you these ideas the way I explained. Good luck.

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