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10 Creative Front Lawn Landscaping Ideas

There are 100s of front lawn landscaping ideas that I can give you, but I have chosen only those that other people will notice and admire as your front lawn is the first thing they see.

Some ideas will be easy for you to set up and some maybe not so. So choose the one that fits and shines in the sunlight and the eye of your neighbors.

So here we go.

1. Build a Sitting Area with Colorful Flowers

The colorful flowers especially in red will shine from far away and most people in your area will surely ask for it unless they know it is a rose flower.

What I am saying is that plant a few colorful flowers on the front lawn with a few sitting areas if the space is big or you can just set up one single sitting chair and a few potted flowers.

Both will do their job beautifully.

lawn with sitting area

2. Build Something Luxurious

I know you do not have the budget for it or you do not want to spend that much money on your lawn. I understand, but just have a look at this palace and the front view.

  • Is it not gorgeous?
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I highly recommend you set up something like it in the front yard. Not that heavy in design but a touch of it. Okay! And yes it will be messy work in maintenance.

luxury home lawn

3. Use Mulch to Build a Design

It is a simple idea that does not need any special work. Just throw some black mulch or grey mulch and plant a few flowers by bordering it with river rocks.

If you have a small front area, then this may suit you.

front lawn with mulch
Justin Snow on Flickr

4. Go with Potted Plants in the Lawn

You can set up some colorful flowers and plants in different types of pots on the front lawn. When they grow up they will block the view and be a focal point.

Just creatively set up each flower in an order.

front lawn and backyard

5. Build a Small Forest in the Lawn

I know this idea is too much work for a beginner and I only recommend you if you know a bit of garden design and have good experience in landscaping.

  • Otherwise, you will get fed up and abandon the design.

Creating this vertical and forest-like look will take years but in the end, the last laugh will be yours.

lawn and landscaping
Jonathan BillingerCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

6. A Simple and Clean Lawn

You do not need anything fancy on the lawn that costs huge money. A simple and clean design like this will be perfect for you.

Just do a weekly cleanup and the lawn will be fine year after year.

a simple and green lawn

7. A Vertical Heavenly Garden

No, it is not heaven, but it looks like so. Just set up some vertical climbing plants in the front yard as privacy and you will see the magic.

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Plus, maintaining them is also easier when it comes to weeding and cutting.

front lawn vertical garden

8. Use Rocks and Mulch with Plants

It is very simple. Just add some mulch and rock border to the lawn with those small and big plants and you will have this good-looking and low-maintenance landscape design in the front of your house.

front lawn garden

9. Remodel Your Driveway with Arborvitae

Arborvitae is commonly used as a privacy fence. You do not need that.

Just add a few of those plants around the driveway on both sides in different shapes and sizes and it will look great from all sides when they grow up.

driveway lawn

10. A Simple Rocky Lawn

I know this one is messy but with those red and pink flowers, it does look good. Build a pathway, add some small stones along with it, and then plant those colorful flowers.

simple lawn with flowers
LebuertCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Last Words

So these are the best front lawn landscaping ideas for me. Choose the one that suits your lawn and does not force you to do anything extra over the years.

Keep your budget in mind and then go for it. Gook luck.

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