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15 Creative Light Switch Cover and Makeover Ideas

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Here are the most creative light switch cover ideas that I have found on people’s homes and they love it.

From designing it with wood to getting a colorful wallpaper, they all look gorgeous and add an elegant touch to the wall near the door.

Please choose the one that you like the most and then order them online. I will recommend some of my choices. If you like them, you can get them for your home. So now let’s explore those covers.

1. An Antique Light Switch Cover

creative switch for bathroom
lily_nymph on Flickr

As you can see this one is very unique and you will not find it so easily in people’s homes.

But do not worry I have recommended something similar design in my Recommendations (down below).

So that you can have it if you think this will look great on your wall.

Here is another design that comes in the same category.

2. Get Some Decorated Covers

classy and designer switch
teakwood on Flickr

3. A Wooden Switch Cover

wooden light switch cover
Gary & Anna Sattler on Flickr

Unfortunately, I do not have a large picture of this design. But it is noticeable, isn’t it?

You can also buy this one or you can hire someone to do it for you.

If you love wooden things like me as they look super classy then my friend this design is for you. Go for it!

4. Buy a Plastic One

light switch on wall

5. Make It Colorful

messy desigh switch cover
Snickerpuss on Flickr

If you do not like those classy designs and want something colorful, then I also have got you.

Get this design. Just buy it and tape it up just like wallpaper on the walls.

You can get 1000s of designs and colors in this type of cover. Just go online and choose the design you like (this one is also included in my recommendations).

6. Get a Live Art

amazing wallpaper switch
Snickerpuss on Flickr

There are 100s of live art for light switches people sell online, especially on Etsy, but I also have found some of them in other places like Amazon and eBay.

Not just humans, you can get cat, and dog faces as they look so cute or cute angry faces (if you are a cat person or dog person).

7. Attach Your Beloved Pet’s Photo

cat faced switch
Celine Nadeau on Flickr

8. Install It Inside Your Closet

hidden switch inside the closet
Anthony DeRobertis on Flickr

Now this one is something out of this world and I do not think this is a good design.

Look, they have installed the light switch inside the closet. What! How will you going to access it if you need to turn it on quickly?

But then I thought, no this one is also helpful if you have kids in the house, who constantly disturb you all the time (but you enjoy it).

So get this one if have the same situation.

9. Hone Your Art Skills Over the Switch

paper art light switch makeover
Patrick Feller on Flickr

If you want a faster solution, then you must try your creative power over the switch and draw or build something unique.

Create some art with a pencil or use paper to build an angel. I mean draw any art you like and the light switch will change in look and feel.

10. Let Your Kid Do It

switch with wall art
Christian Heilmann on Flickr

11. An Unique Handmade Switch Cover

metal light switch
Steve Fishman on Flickr

I do not know what the language is but it looks awesome.

The Eagal (I assume) is something that inspires one to go hard in life and try once more or get things done like an Alpha.

If you are a football fan then this kind of design may suit your wall to feel bold again.

It is also similar but a bit more shiny in terms of boldness.

12. Attach Something to It

rustic light switch
Tall Chris on Flickr

13. Get Your World Map

world map light switch
Chrishna on Flickr

If you are a history lover like me who likes to explore the world then this light switch cover is for you.

Just cut the world map into different portions and add each portion to different switches to cover the whole world.

14. Just Paint the Switch

happy face switch
Dick Thompson on Flickr

Yes just paint the switch with an eye-catching color or a happy face like this one.

It is the simplest and easiest option to cover up the light switch.

15. Add Stickers

tool box switch
Christopher Blizzard on Flickr

If you have a few stickers in the house then you can add them to create a design. Not something messy like this one. But in a different way that you like.

For example, border it with black tape and then use some emoji stickers to add a happy touch to it. The ideas are endless.

My Recommendations

Now choose one of these beautiful light switch covers for your home.

Last Words

So these are my favorite and unique light switch cover ideas you can design or buy from your home to make things spice up a little bit more. Good luck and I will visit your home soon (okay!)

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