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13 Creative Breaker Box Cover Ideas That Last Long

Here are ten creative breaker box cover ideas for you, giving priority to safety and maintenance. I mean when you need to turn off the breaker you can do it easily without losing any more time. As you know these electrical things are fast and you have to act quickly.

That is why I have chosen these cover ideas. They are durable, good looking and you can build and set up them at home with a minimal cost. So here we go. 

1. Get a Few Wall Arts to Cover the Box

wall art cover

My first idea is the obvious and most common one. Get a few wall art and hang them in front of the breaker box. The wall art can be anything from a wall clock, a world map, a nature design, or any art you like.

The main idea is to cover the box and make it go unnoticed, maintaining the visual appearance of your room’s interior. But again keep the maintenance in mind.

Do not use a wall art that completely seals the breaker area and harms your electric equipment. Choose something that is removable when needed.

2. Get a Retro Cover for the Box

breaker box outside

If you are a bit old-fashioned then these vintage ideas may suit you the best. It can be a wooden design an old art that is on sale or any metal covers that go with your wall design.

Choose something rustic and set it up. Do not overdo it, thinking will it fit here or not? Just buy it and place it in front of the box. That’s it. 

3. Build a DIY Chalkboard Cover


You can also hide the break box with a chalkboard. You can use the chalkboard for planning, writing something, or use it as a notepad for work. You can do a lot of things with it. Just set up the board and hand it in front of the box. 

4. Hide the Breaker Box with a Mirror or Wood

breaker box cover ideas
wooden breaker

Mirror is one of my favorite options to hide the breaker box and I have talked about it in the outside electrical box cover ideas article.

Buy a good-looking mirror and hang it in front of the box. Yes, you have to measure the size before you buy the mirror to make it fit properly. 

The mirror will add glamour and make the room appear larger. It will also reflect light which will brighten the surrounding area. Trust me mirror is the best idea I can give you. Get one. 

5. Disguise the Breaker with a Shelf 

open electrical

If you are a book lover like me (non-friction) then you can buy a small bookshelf to cover the breaker box. Just plant it in front of the box. But do not make it permanent.

For that, you can add wheels to the bookshel for easy removal. Yes, it will be costly. I am living that to you. 

6. Plant a Paradise Garden Around it

plants over wall

Do you like plants in your house? If yes, then these ideas may suit you. Buy some potted plants and set them up there. The plant will hide the breaker box beautifully giving you a natural vibe inside the house.

But make sure the plants are large enough. Yes, you have to maintain the plants and clean the area regularly. I think that will not bother you if you like fresh air. You got it.

7. Display Your Memories with a Photo Gallery

wall art

I have talked about wall art. But this time I want to talk about photo galleries. Take out all of your memories hang them up on the wall and plant them in a way that hides the breaker box completely.

Like the wall art, it is still noticeable, like there is something behind it. But with the photo gallery, no one will ever be able to tell that there is a breaker box behind the view. So set them up right now.

8. What about Geometric Patterns for a Modern Design

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are quite popular in wall designs and you can buy one of these to hide your breaker box. They are colorful and look good on walls.

It does not have to be costly. Just buy any color and design and set them up on your wall and it will peacefully hide the box. Get it now. 

9. Get an Artistic Metal Cover

circuit breaker
BrokenSphereCC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Metal covers are good and the strongest but cost a bit more than the rest of the designs. The best part is that the metal boxes are available in every store.

Just go there and buy it. And setting it up is even easier. Just plugs the screws and you are done. 

10. Buy a Customizable Magnetic Cover 

Dmitry GCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Magnetic covers are also a popular choice among younger people as they can be easily attached and removed. You can change the cover design any time you want. It gives you flexibility.

Plus you can personalize it with other magnets and designs and that is the best part. So go for it if you think you love the design. 

11. Buy a Strong Metal Cover

old fuse box cover
Dmitry GCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

12. Use Any Ordinary Box as Cover

designed and assembled by Dmitry GCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

13. Get those Old Fuse Box Covers

electrical panel
FuriousYogi via Wikimedia Commons

Last Words

So let other people forget that you have a breaker box in your house using one of these creative ideas and transform the wall into a visually appealing element or thing.

So best of luck.

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Featured image: Dmitry GCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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