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10 Creative Ideas to Hide Air Conditioner Unit (Outdoor)

Here are some creative ideas to hide the air conditioner unit in the outdoor area safely and securely, maintaining proper ventilation. 

As you know, how important ventilation is for an AC unit. A simple mistake can reduce the life span of the machine and cost you huge money to replace it.

That is why your first priority is to make sure that the machine can break properly and also improve your outdoor space or the landscape design if it is situated in the yard. So here we go.

1. Cover the Area with Natural Plants

Plant some beautiful green natural plants around the air conditioner unit. Do it in a way that creates a circle or a box-like view so that people do to notice that there is an air conditioner hiding under the greenery.

But make sure those plants are low maintenance or else you will have to spend lots of time maintaining them as they will cover the whole air conditioner causing damage to the machine. 

So plant them at a safe distance to maintain the fresh air flow.

2. Buy a Good Fence

There are many amazing-looking fences that are built especially for the air conditioner units. Buy one of them and install it. But choose the wood that lasts long and does not get affected by water.

I recommend that you buy something waterproof or made of bamboo or metal. But Metal may get heated up easily and will not be proven to fresh air like wood.

The enclosure will act as a barrier will protect the outdoor air conditioning unit from any pest damage, dust, and debris. Yes, they cost a bit more but it will be worth it.

3. Buy a Privacy Screen to Hide the AC

Privacy screens are also popular in hiding air conditioner units all around the country. They are available in various designs and patterns that you can buy online or from your nearest hardware store.

Prepare the screen as needed and cover the unit, and then if you want, plant some green plants around it to build landscape designs for the screen. 

Without the greenery, it may not look good. That is my opinion and yours may be different. Okay!

4. Get a DIY Decorative Panel to Hide the AC Unit

Now, the DIY part. DIY panels are difficult to build and cost more money than all the other options that I have talked about before. 

But the benefit is that you can design it according to your needs and desires. That is why I like this sport most.

You can buy these panels and customize them as you want to create an artistic focal point in the outdoor space. 

If you like good landscape designs then I highly recommend you get this one unless it hurts your pocket.

5. Repurpose Your Furniture or Shutters

If you have some old furniture or shutters in the basement then you are in luck. Take out some tools and cut them down based on the size of your outdoor AC unit.

Then place them around the machine to create a cover in the outdoor area. If you want you can paint it to make it look good. It costs less and does the job perfectly.

6. Build a Vertical Garden around It

Vertical gardens are also popular in handling outdoor air conditioner units. Just get some plywood and build a box to cover the air conditioner or get some metal mesh and do the same with it.

Then let climbing plants climb the box and in a few days, you will see they have covered the whole box. But you must maintain those plants so they do not get in the way of airflow. Okay!

And they reduce energy consumption because of their greenery. 

You can also use these climbing plants without any wooden or metal boxes. But directly on the air conditioner unit. But that will take weekly maintenance. If you are okay with that then go for this cover.

7. Choose an Outdoor Art for it

If you are having not so good time hiding the air conditioner unit, then you may choose a good art for it, like sculptures or murals. It will vanish the AC unit and also create a focal point in the outdoor space.

I mean, the AC unit will be there, but people will not notice it so easily unless they come close to it.

Just make sure the materials you are using to build the art are waterproof, weather resistant, and do not get dirty quickly. You can not clean them daily. That is why choose the art that hides and does not mess up your day.

8. Set Up a Trellis along the Air Conditioner

You know trellis that people use to help climb vines to go over the balcony. Yes, get those beautiful plants. Get a few of those trellis and hide your air conditioner unit. Just plant the vines and let them do their job.

Once a month, trim a few plants on that machine so they do not disturb the airflow by any means. It surely will improve your outdoor space if you can build it. I guarantee that.

9. Buy Storage Units to Cover It Up

Do you have any storage units in the basement that are of no use? Take them out, cut them down, and build a cover for your AC unit. 

Then paint it and set it around the machine and that is it. But maintain the ventilation. Okay!

10. Camouflaging the Unit with Your Outdoor Garden

If you already have a structure, a garden, or a good landscape design around your wall, then place the air conditioner unit in a way that completely hides the machine and maintains its airflow. 

It is not that big thing to do, but you must find the perfect spot for it if you have a landscape design or a good garden. Can you do that?

Last Words

So these are some creative ideas to hide air conditioner units in the outdoor area efficiently keeping the ventilation in mind. I recommend the wooden structure for safety, durability, and long-lasting features despite the cost. But finally, it is up to you!

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