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How to Fix Broken Mirror at Home

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Here is how to fix a broken mirror at home using some DIY steps. But you must know beforehand how bad the condition is and if it is possible to repair the mirror.

If the glass is shattered in many small parts then it is better you buy a new one, if not then you are welcome. I will guide you through this repair process and help you maintain the appearance of your room.

How Bad is the Condition?

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To access the damage, follow the below steps.

  • Carefully examine the mirror and look for any cracks, chips, or shattered areas that are visible to the human eye.
  • Learn if the break is in a specific area or if it is spread over the whole mirror.
  • Check the reflecting coating if it is damaged or not.
  • If the coating is damaged then I recommend you replace the whole mirror as a repair may not help that much.

So by following these steps, you can learn how bad the condition is and what steps you need to follow next to repair it. But first, you need some tools.

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Gather these Tools and Materials

Without tools, you can not repair the mirror, no matter how PRO you are. So get these from your nearest hardware store or buy them online.

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  • First, get yourself a pair of safety glasses and hand gloves so that you do not get hurt.
  • Get a lint-free cloth to clean the surface.
  • Get a glass cleaner to clean the broken glass so that no dirt or debris is able to disrupt the process when you apply adhesive to it.
  • Now if you have a small crack, get glass adhesive and if you have larger cracks get a glass filter. And, do not compromise the quality of the adhesive.
  • Get a putty knife or something like a scraper to apply the adhesive smoothly.
  • A mirror adhesive or filter obviously.
  • And a Mirror Resilvering Kit (a simple spray) if your mirror has lost its reflecting coating and this is not an easy thing to do. 
  • Why? The spray looks promising but the broken glass may not get filled completely and you will see visible marks on it. But you are free to try. That is why I have told you to replace it if the coating is broken.

Okay! By gathering these tools and materials you are ready to fit your broken mirror and make it look almost new. Yes, almost!

How to Fix Broken Mirror: Step-by-Step Guide

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Now follow the below steps to properly repair the broken mirror.

  • First, clean the damaged area using the glass cleaner and the lint-free cloth to make sure the adhesive attaches to the surface of the mirrors properly.
  • Use a putty knife to apply the adhesive directly to the broken part and spread it across and make sure to fill each and every portion of the broken mirror.
  • If you have a chip, use the filter instead of adhesive as it is big in size.
  • Smooth the surrounding area and make sure it blends well once again.
  • Let it dry for a few hours or one day.
  • Then use the glass cleaner to wipe up the mirror and clean it.
  • Use the lint-free cloth to clean it further.
  • And you are done.

There should not be a problem with these steps if you follow them properly. 

But still, if there is then fix it by following the same process. However, the adhesive may not match with the older version. If it is then you are lucky my friend. 

So while doing it be careful and do the job properly so that you do not regret on the next day. 

How to Prevent Future Brakages

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You do not want any new breakage in the future. That is why you must know how to protect it. Follow these tips also.

  • Do not use any harsh chemicals while cleaning your mirrors. Use a soft cloth but do not rub it hard.
  • Do not place the mirror where there is high humidity in the air or the sunlight is refelting directly on it. These may cause the glass to expand or contract.
  • Inspect your mirrors for any wear and tear.
  • Get a cover only if you do not mind removing it every time you use the mirror.

These are common sense but still, people do not follow them but you should as your mirror is not new. It is old.

My Recommendations

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Get one of these mirror repair adhesives and fix it ASAP.

Last Words

There you go. This is how to fix a broken mirror at home effortlessly. Just follow the steps and do not hurry in anything. Do it properly and I am sure you will pull the job out. Good luck.

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