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17 Creative Trash Can Cabinet Ideas (Kitchen and Outdoor)

So if you are looking for some amazing trash can cabinet and storage ideas for your kitchen and outdoors, you have come to the right place. I will give you ten indoor and outdoor ideas to help you hide the trash peacefully without any smell.

But first, I want you to know that you should choose the storage idea that fits your kitchen or outdoor space so that it does not look odd. Pick up any of these ideas and see how it goes.

Kitchen Trash Can Cabinet Ideas

So let’s start with indoor trash can cabinet ideas for your kitchen and living room, then the outdoor one.

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1. Design Your Kitchen Area With an Open Trash Cabinet

kitchen trash can cabinet ideas

The simplest way to design your kitchen cabinet or trash storage is to build a few simple wooden boxes without any lids. That way, you can throw all of the trash quickly and separately.

Personally, I do not like the lid, as the cabinet will take care of the coverage. Plus, if you build two or more storage, it will be easy for you to separate the trash, like one for dry waste and one for others.

2. Get a Simple Plastic Bucket as a Trash Storage

get a simple plastic bucket as a trash storage

If you are in a hurry and can not build the cabinet in a few days, you can use this simple plastic budget trash can idea. Just cover it with a simple plastic bag and use it like a cabinet trash can.

It is one of the simplest and most effective ways to build storage for your kitchen cabinet area. But do not make it permanent. Treat it like a temporary trash solution.

3. Buy a Simple Trash Storage

Buy a Simple Trash Storage for your kitchen

Okay, if you want a bit of fancy trash storage, buy any of the good-looking trash cans available on the market. The color does not matter to me. I prefer white or anything black.

They cost less and can do the job very well. Buy this one if you have small food waste so that you clean it daily. Otherwise, it will release odor.

4. Build a Small Hidden Cabinet for Trash

Build a small hidden cabinet for trash

No, this idea may look costly, but it is not. Just build a simple cabin with no slider in it and place those trash cans you have bought online in there.

For better cleaning, use more than one trash can. So that you can separate the waste properly. This idea will hide your trash altogether and give you an odor-free kitchen.

5. Use a Normal Looking Trash Can

Use a Normal Looking Trash Can

Everyone has this trash can in their house. Get one if you do not have it yet. It is simple and can do the job well. It has a lid that will stop odor released from the can.

You can use it as you like. You can use it as a paper waste can, dust can, kitchen trash can, outdoor trash can, or anything you like. It fits everywhere.

6. Build a Simple Cabinet Like This

indoor trash can
Kelly Sue DeConnick on Flickr

7. Hide Your Storage

DIY trash can
dani0010 on Flickr

8. Make it Look Like a Drawer

trash cabinet ideas
Donaleen on Flickr

9. Use Your Old Plastics as Cans

indoor plastic busket for garbage
Lenore Edman on Flickr

10. Use those Paint Bucket with Lid for It

trash storage plastic
DaraDaraDaraCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

11. Separate Your Trash with a Mark

kitchen trash

Outdoor Trash Can Storage Ideas

Now it is time for the outdoor trash bin ideas. Pick up any of these ideas and make your yard a bit better.

12. Buy Tiny Trash Can Storage Online

simple garbage can

There is an unlimited no of beautiful trash can storage available online in different colors. Buy one of those that you think is good. They come in plastic materials, metal, or wood setups. Choose whatever you like.

13. Use Metallic Design Trash Storage for Outdoor

Use metallic design trash storage for outdoor

If you want a strong trash can for your outdoor space, you should get a metal can that can handle any weather conditions, and external damages and will last very long.

Yes, they will be heavy if you try to move them, but these metal cans look good. You can paint on them after a few years. So that they remain fresh for decades. 

14. Get those Colorful Trash Storage

Get those Colorful Trash Storage

You may have seen this kind of colorful trash can storage in your neighborhood. They are all set up in a line and set up each box for each kind of waste.

These ideas help the trash trust handle the waste material better, and they will never neglect your trash as many trucks do. They knowingly ignore the trash can which forces them to work harder. So try it.

15. Make Your Trash Can Using Landscape Design

trash can flower

If you love landscaping, you can set up a small garden around the trash can or add some soil to it. 

Then plant a few flowers if the Can have an open space down below. The design is good for people who love fancy things.

16. Buy Any Fancy Metalic Garbage Disposal

steel junk busket

17. Buy a Tin Build Trash Storage

trash can outdoor steel

Lastly, just buy a few tin-built trash can storage and install them in your yard. These simple cans are available in every area just go and buy them. There is nothing else to talk about these cans.

Last Words

So these are the best trash can cabinets for the kitchen and storage for outdoor ideas that you can build or buy. Choose the one that fits your kitchen or yard and helps you maintain the waste better. Good luck.

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