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10 Creative Backyard Corner Landscaping Ideas

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So here are some of the best backyard corner landscaping ideas for you, to make the area a bit more beautiful and attractive. These backyard ideas are low maintenance, natural and long-lasting. They will not take a huge effort to build and maintain.

But still, you should care for them as expected, or else the corner garden you are building will not last long. So to avoid any future mess, follow the Garden Care guidelines.

Backyard Corner Landscaping Ideas 

corner bed garden and landscaping ideas

Before you pick any of these corner landscaping ideas, I suggest you hire a professional to set them up for a better view and to match the backyard. 

Not every idea will fit in your backyard, depending on the size and shape. You have to choose carefully which one to use and which do not. So here we go.

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Table of Contents

1. Go with a Simple Flower Bed 

Go with a Simple Flower Bed for your backyard

My first corner garden idea is to build a simple flower bed in your corner lot. Plant different kinds of flowers, plants, or vegetables in the raised bed to make it look beautiful and have some vegetables to eat.

This flower bed idea is the most popular. But it will take a bit of maintenance to keep the area clean from dirt and debris. That is all.

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2. Plant Cacti Oasis in Your Corner Lot

Plant Cacti Oasis in Your Corner Lot

If you love desert plants like Cacti, then it can be a good choice for you to plant them in your corner lot. They do not need any maintenance at all and can enhance the view of your corner if you add a few small stones to them.

But make sure it is safe for your pets and children by building a fence or something that will stop them go there.

3. Choose Raised Planters For the Corner Yard

Choose Raised Planters For the Corner Yard

Do you like raised planters? Then get a pot or build a wooden box to set up some flowers or plants according to your taste. 

All you have to do is to water it in a few days, and that is all. This idea also does not need much effort to maintain.

corner area garden
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4. Set Up a Fireplace in Your Backyard

Set Up a Fireplace in Your Backyard

If your backyard is not too small, you can set up a fireplace there. It does not cost that much and has no maintenance at all.

Just build it with concrete or buy a pre-built fire pit and enjoy the evening with your friends and family.

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5. Design a Small Rock Waterfall in the Corner Lot

Design a Small Rock Waterfall in the Corner Lot

You can also build a small rock waterfall in your backyard. Yes, it is a bit more expensive than the rest. But it will add massive value to your backyard design.

Most people build a waterfall using big and small stones. But that does not mean you have to use them in your backyard. You can just set up a small waterfall that just does the job.

6. Build a Mixed Garden Landscape

Build a Mixed Garden Landscape

Mix garden landscape is one of my favored corner landscape ideas. Just add different kinds of flowers and plants in there to make them glow. Do not add anything else there that may block the view. Make the garden noticeable.

7. Try the Rock Garden 

Try the Rock Garden

Add some big rocks in the corner lot and plant a few grasses to make it look more natural. I would say just add a huge rock and do not add anything else to the corner.

corner sitting area
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8. Set Up a Small Pond in the Backyard

Set Up a Small Pond in the Backyard

If you do not have a pond, it is your best chance to add the pond on the corner lot. Call a professional and build a small pond in there to feel the freshness all the time around your backyard. Yes, it is also expensive and worth the feeling.

9. Design a Wall with Climbing Plants

Design a Wall with Climbing Plants

If you have a strong wall or a wooden fence in the backyard, you can plant some climbing trees there that can fill up the wall and give you a better garden design.

But it needs good effect to maintain as it is one of the toughest corner landscaping ideas in terms of maintenance. Only choose the one if you are ready to give it extra gardening time.

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10. Build a Vertical Garden on the Corner Lot

Build a Vertical Garden on the Corner Lot

Vertical gardens do not need a wall all the time but it will help. The previous idea was to set up a few climbing trees on the backyard wall. But this one is a huge garden around there.

It will cost you good money, and need a professional to set and maintain them. If the budget is not a problem, it is one of the best corner garden ideas I can give you. Try it. 

My Recommendations

If you want a quick fix and want to edge your backyard corner area with something beautiful then check these ideas out.

Last Words

So these are the best backyard corner garden ideas that I have seen and recommend you add to your backyard to enhance its view and feel. Choose the one you like the most and get ready to work, or hire someone to do it for you. Good luck.

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