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10 Creative Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

So here are some amazing toilet paper roll crafts that you can build at home to have fun with your kids or use for decoration.

So get ready to unleash your creativity and give those empty rolls a new life. So that they add value to your room, the table, the wall, and your life.

Creative Toilet Paper Roll Crafts 

Toilet paper roll craft DIY ideas for Kids

You can build whatever you want with the toilet paper roll crafts you have. All you need is just a bit of creativity. For example:

  • Create a small Binocular for kids.
  • Build a DIY disk organizer.
  • Design adorable animal puppets.
  • Build firecrackers for the celebration.
  • Create wall art with it.

These are the basic designs that people talk about. But I will give you some more ideas. 

Here is the perfect toilet roll craft list for you with pictures. Be more creative and build your favorite thing. 

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Kelley Minars on flickr

1. Make Your Toilet Rolls Colorful

Make Your Toilet Rolls Colorful

If you do not want much work or you do not have time to build these toilet paper roll crafts then just wrap them with different color paper, like red, yellow, green, and others.

It is one of the best ways to store them in your house and also improve the view around it. You should try it.

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2. Go Beyond Your Creativity

Go Beyond Your Creativity in designing toilet roll

What I am trying to say here is that you can build a torch-like thing or just hang it on a wooden ladder. Both look amazing, and the best part is that building them is easy.

That is why I have said earlier that the more creative you will become, the better your designs will be. So try something new today and see what comes up.

3. Build a Pet or a Tree with It

Build a Pet or a Tree with the toilet paper

If you want to have fun with your kids, then use these toilet paper rolls to build a toy for them, like a Pet or a tree.

Kids love handmade designs, and you will also have fun with them. So take a few rolls and try to build something with it. Just try it.

toilet paper roll

4. Create a Few Frogs with the Paper Rolls

Create a Few Frogs with the Paper rolls

Let’s make your work a bit easier. Cut those rolls and build a few frogs with them, then cover them with colorful papers and add eyes.

Not just frogs, you can create fish, lizards, or a small round-shaped ball with those paper rolls. It is up to you and your personal creativity.

toilet paper toy
Emma Craig on flickr

5. Hang Some Motivational Quotes

Hang Some Motivational Quotes

You can use these toilet paper roll crafts to hang a strong motivational quote in your bathroom or living room to inspire you.

Not only the quote, but you can also hang anything you like that may help you get things done quickly that you were delayed for some reason.

6. Cover Your Toilet Papers Creatively

Cover Your Toilet Papers Creatively

Yes, I have told you to cover your toilet paper with colorful paper. But these are a bit different designs.

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Wrap each one of them with different papers or clothes that have good designs and use them in the way in the bathroom that showcases the area.

7. Create Arts on the Toilet Paper Roll

Create Arts on the Toilet Paper Roll

Listen to me. Create art on the roll if you can not find anything meaningful. Arts will glow, and you can use them as decoration in your living room.

Draw something and then paint it. Do not think much. Like you, most of us are not that good at arts. So give it a try and see how powerful your mind can be.

Last Words

So these are some creative toilet paper roll crafts for you. So unleash your creative power and build something new taking inspiration from the above ideas.

Just enjoy the crafty process and play along to build something new for your decoration or for your kids. I wish you the best of luck.

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