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10 Creative Ideas to Hide Water Heater in the Bathroom

Here are some of the best ways to hide a water heater in the bathroom safely and securely. I will give you some DIY and some ready-made ideas to choose from and then you will decide what may suit your bathroom the best based on the area you have.

So let’s start with the cabinet idea as it is the most popular in today’s household.

1. Get an Old Age Classic Cabinet

The classic cabinet is the best in terms of security and lifespan. But it costs a huge amount of money to build the cover. If you have one in your house then remodeling would do the job.

But if you do mind the budget then I welcome you to get a good-looking closet for your water heater. Ask your Carpenter to prepare it for you, keeping easy access in mind if you need to fix something in the near future.

2. Make it Gone with Wall Art

You can also hang large wall art in front of it to make the heater vanish from the area. 

But that may not suit in the bathroom. That is why choose a wall art that does not get damaged by water and can do the job perfectly.

Or you can just use some curtain in from it to hide it if you want a simple cover for your water heater.

3. Buy Green Plants to Hide It

Plants are also popular in hiding this kind of water heater in bathroom areas. Buy some potted plants that are big enough to hide that entire heater. 

But if you are worried about the spillover from the pot that may make a mess around the bathroom then you can use artificial plants to do the same job.

They will not get affected by water and can last very long. So get one and hide the water heater.

4. Do the Partition to Divide the Area

Now the best idea that I can give you, is the partition. Separate your water heater with a wooden partition or metal partition. With this, no one will ever know that there is a water heater beneath it.

It is a bit more than a DIY hack and may need a professional to install it. So it fits and helps you maintain the heater when needed. Try it. I have one more idea similar to this that I will tell you later in this article, stay on. 

5. Hide the Water Heater with a Mirror

If you don’t have a mirror in your bathroom then get one. Get a big one so that it comes to covers the water heater. Place it in front of the heater and it will vanish from your bathroom.

The mirror will also help you enhance the beauty of your water heater and conceal the area perfectly. 

6. Use the Corners to Hide it

Most people overlook the corner area of their bathroom. But we will not. 

If your water heater is large and slim then you can set it up in the corner and then use some wooden structure to cover it up. It only appeared for a new install. Okay!

You can also build a cabinet in the corner for the heater. Those options are unlimited. All you need to do is to think a bit more creatively about the cover. 

7. Use Your Old Vintage Trunk to Hide it

You know those old age trunks that people use to store their things. if yes and you have one in your home then you can use that to hide your water heater.

Cut it down in a way that fits the water heater and goes with the bathroom area. It is easy and does not need a professional to do the work. You can do it at home. 

8. Buy a Sliding Door 

If you don’t have a lot of space in the bathroom area then a sliding door may help you out. Install a sliding door in front of the heater using a mirror that serves both purposes.

What Mirror can do, I have already shared with you. It will enhance the beauty of your bathroom and the sliding door will hide the heater. A win-win situation. 

9. What about Open Shelves

Get an open self and cover the front area with old baskets, jars, plants, and towels. That way the ventilation will not be affected and the heater will remain hidden. 

You can also use the towel without any open shelves and that will also work in the short term. But do not cover the machines for safety reasons.

10. Build a Custom Enclosure

Lastly, buy a completely enclosed cover for your hater with a little hole-like gap. It will help manage the heat. So that the machine does not get affected.

There are many enclosures available online that you can buy. Just order and install it. That’s it. 

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Last Words

Safety should be your first priority and you should not compromise with it. Get a cover that looks good and goes with your bathroom design. I wish you the best of luck. Now let’s get back to work. 

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