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10 Creative Living Room Decor Ideas

Here are the best and most creative living room decor ideas for small and medium spaces.

I know how costly it can become to decorate the living area.

But that may not be required if you redesign the room creatively.

I am not saying that you do not need to buy anything extra, but if you have space and the furniture, then these ideas will fill them up.

And you can also buy more stuff for more decoration. So take a look and see what fits your space, and do you need to buy anything to complete the design?

Living room decor ideas

1. Use Plants and Flowers

Yes, those flowers on the wall are tough to set up and need time and patience.

But it can be manageable and the plant is easy to set up.

To enhance the view, add some lights to the living room, and you will see the change in mood and feel.

creative room
Jesse James on Flickr

2. A Simple Table is Enough

simple living room interior
denisbin on Flickr

This is only for those who do not have a large living room space.

In that case, just add a chair with some tables near the fireplace and then add a TV on the wall or with a stand. That is it.

Go for it if you do not have the budget to have a vast design.

3. Leave Some Room for Your Cat

The middle space is the perfect for kids and pets to play around. Add some sofas in different colors and leave the middle open for them.

Add a cat house or a resting place for them to continuously entertain you while you are in the living room enjoying your thing.

wide living room
sk on Flickr

4. Get this Royal Living Room Design

old age living room
R Boed on Flickr

I am telling you this one will cost the highest of all of my ideas, but maybe it is the thing that you need.

You can add some golden curtains and chairs, or cover them with golden covers to make your room look like this.

The chairs, you may not need them just a few simple chairs with that matching colors may be enough (I think).

wall arts
MyWallArt on Flickr

5. Build a Modern Looking Living Room

Set up sofas in a square or in a circle and add a TV in front of it and then what, enjoy the peace with some green plants near the window.

plant based livign room
Foto Miki on Flickr

6. Add a Simple Colorful Couch

Yes, a simple colorful couch like yellow, orange, or even black will add tremendous value to your living room.

Just make sure the wall color and the sofa color do not match and they go along comfortably. Or the decoration will not shine as expected.

simple room
Foto Miki on Flickr

7. Become a Simple Meesy Boy

cozy living room
Dejan Krsmanovic on Flickr

You can tell it is a home for boys and they are messy. If you do not like cleaning your house daily then this idea may suit you well.

Hello! I am promoting it. So that you can spend your lazy day on the couch and watch TV the whole day, it is just for reference. Okay!

living room dining room combo

8. Go Full White in Your Living Room

I like white as they feel super classy. Yes, the floor will be wooden and the wall will be white and some cream color sofas in front of the entrance.

Then you can add any decoration you want along with it.

classy living room
Foto Miki on Flickr

9. A Clean Attic Bedroom

living room in attic
Boa-Franc on Flickr

It is for those who do not have any extra space for the living room then go for this design as it suits both purposes.

You can use it as a bedroom and a living room.

living room makeover ideas and inspiration

10. Build a Luxury Living Room

Or at least take some ideas from it and add them to your room. The wooden view is perfect I think, and the windows look stunning.

Yes, it is a generated Image but still, it looks amazing.

wooden living room
Boa-Franc on Flickr

Last Words

So these are the best living room decor ideas for you. Some will cost good money and some can become manageable.

Just remodel the room and change its look and feel if you do not have the budget.

If you have then I welcome you to get those decors to enhance the view and your peace in the room. Good luck.

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