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10 DIY Radiator Cover Ideas That Last Long

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Here are some of the best DIY radiator cover ideas that will keep you warm and enhance the aesthetics of your room only if you match the color with your wall.

You can build a cover at home or buy it online and they do not cost huge money. So now choose the one that fits your budget and your room. Here we go.

1. Use Your Old Shutters to Build a Cover

Old house window
Herzi PinkiCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

I am sure you have some old shutters in your house or in the basement that are of no use. Take it out and repurpose it to build a DIY cover as it is the cheapest option that I can give you.

Simply clean them up, put on good paint, and cut them down so they fit your radiator. If the shutter is wooden then you are in luck, if not then make some hole in there so that air can pass freely. Try it.

2. Build the Cover with Slatted Wood

radiator wooden Cover
RadCabKingCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you have any slatted wood in your house then you can use them to build a cover. Although you can also buy them if you like this idea. They look amazing and can serve the purpose well just like the previous idea.

3. Use Woven Rattan to Cover it

wooven rattan

If you are a natural person and want to stick to nature then a woven rattan can be your best option to build a cover. It has many gaps that will help the hot air flow freely.

You can build it yourself or buy it online according to the size of your radiator.

4. Use Metal Mesh for Your Radiator Cover

radiator enclosure ideas
Maggie JonesCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Metal mesh is also a good option, but not a fancy one, and it also will get heated up with the hot air flow. That is why keep it in good size and make it bigger so that the heat can not affect it.

Go to your nearest hardware store and buy it then cut it according to the size of the radiator and then install it. It should not take more than a few hours and they cost less money than other wooden DIY covers. Go for it.

5. Buy Ready-Made Panels with Laser-Cut Patterns

laser cut pattern

If you want a fancier cover, you should go for the laser-cut patterns that look just stunning. Buy a few of them and set them up as covers like a box.

Plus, these panels will be an artwork in your house and when the hot air goes there, it will shine. So choose the design you like and cover your radiator with it.

6. Build it with Your Barn Wood

radiator 1

Ginny and John on Flickr

If you have barn woods in the garage or in the basement then you can use them to build this cover just like the wooden shutters.

First, paint it if needed and then cut it down based on the size of your radiator keeping the heat circulation in mind, and then set it up. It will look stunning and will last long.

7. Buy Geometric Designs

geometric wooden pattern

These geometric designs are available in both wood and metal. Just buy them and set them up as a pattern. It will also add a modern touch to your room if you choose a good design for it.

8. Buy a Luxury Fabric as the Cover

purple silk fabric

Now forget all the above ideas. Go buy a good-looking luxury fabric for your radiator to cover it up. But it must be fire resistant or else it will not work as you have expected.

Just buy a plywood box that maintains the airflow and attaches the fabric to the surface of it and it will look just stunning.

9. Get a Chalkboard Cover

school chalkboard

This chalkboard cover is only suitable if the radiator is situated in a child’s room. Cut plywood and paint it with chalkboard paint, but make it heat resistant and then mount it. It is the most secure one for a child’s room.

10. Transparent Plexiglass Covers

Transparent glass
© Nevit DilmenCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Get a transparent cover for your radiator. You can buy these transparent glasses near your hardware store. Hire some glass professionals to build the cover for you. 

Yes, it will cost you good money but it will look amazing as the transparent glass will shine in light and heat.

Some More Cover Ideas

Becky Stern from Brooklyn, USACC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

My Recommendations

Buy any of these simple yet beautiful radiator covers for your living room and enjoy the view.

Simple Wooden Radiator Cover (Best overall)

Modern Slatted Design Wooden Cover (Most affordable)

Complete Radiator Cover Kit (Premium quality)

Last Words

So here are some of the best DIY radiator cover ideas that you can use in your house to cover and secure the area. But make sure the cover has proper ventilation or else the machine will not last long. Good luck.

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