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How to Declutter Your House Fast (in Just a Day)

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I was that guy who never wrapped their clothes and threw them on a sofa or over the bed.

It just does not feel like I have to wrap them perfectly in my wardrobe. But that was the past.

If you enter my house today, you will see everything is managed as it should be, and there are no piles of clothes lying on the chair, sofa, or bed or anything in my kitchen that you will feel ashamed of.

I have learned how to declutter the whole house efficiently and without spending the whole day.

Decluttering Inspiration and ideas

Here is My Story

home decluttering
Serene Vannoy on Flickr

A few months back, I was scrolling on Pinterest like everyone else and reading the articles that I think will help me.

Then I came across a pin that said How I Decluttered my Entire Living Room In Just a Day.

I did not remember the name of the post or the Account, but the tips She shared helped me a lot to manage my living room and the whole house.

She also recommended a tiny book on this.

You can also get it from here:

Her tips on personal procrastination and emergency decluttering techniques helped me a lot to keep my room in order.

Why Do I Bother?

messy piles of cloths

Like everyone else, I never bothered about this as managing my house and keeping it in order is a sitty work to me.

I did not care about people’s opinions. But when I realized with age that IT DOES MATTER.

People always judge by the cover and it is a reality.

declutter and organize

Not only that I also came to understand that the piles on my sofa and bed were releasing some nasty odor and making me sick (mentally and physically).

But after using these tips now I can say that I have managed my house well. Not 100 percent, as sometimes it does get cluttered again when I am too busy with my daily work.

decluttering ideas
Mike McCune on Flickr

But still, I can make time to manage my papers, clothes, chip bags, and plastic that I bought with groceries.

Thank God, now I am a very organized person, and the effect I am seeing on my work-life.

I have full focus when I work and I do not feel sleepy the whole day.

So yes it does help in improving your physical and mental health and also your income (if you use the time).

So do not wait further read it now:

And one more thing, it is not a regular book that just kills your procrastination, but also gives you some unique ideas that you may have never heard of in keeping your house in order.

decluttering hacks

What These Unique Ideas Could Do For You?

Here is your list.

table pepers
Phil Whitehouse on Flickr
  • How to declutter your house just in one day.
  • Some special tips on Emergency Decluttering to vanish the piles.
  • The Secret Fear about the clutter that a beginner feels and how to overcome it.
  • How to declutter when it looks like an Impossible Task.
  • The Enemy of Decluttering.
  • The ONE-DAY DeClutting Method.
  • The Painless 4-Pass Decluttering Method.
  • Emergency Decluttering Methods.
  • Special tips to organize your Papers.
  • Special tips to organize your Clothing.
  • The 5-Minute Solution to Kill Procrastination.
  • The Simple Keys to Become Organized, Literally Overnight.

Get it from here:

Obviously, there are many more unique ideas and I have just listed a few of them that I use personally to organize my house. So that people do judge by its cover.

What We Can Do with the Stuff That We Do not Need?

paper burning

Set them on fire. No literally, burn them down. You do not need them in your house, like the delivery boxes from Amazon and similar boxes that you get when you purchase something.

Whatever you do not need burn them or give them to someone else (someone in need). So they can use it.

Yes, I know you have an emotional bond with the stuff (talking from my personal experience), but if you want to improve your living conditions then my friend you have to do it.

You can also wrap them in your basement or in the attic as I did. But that will also involve a huge work and time.

So it is better you identify and burn them down unless you love that stuff too much.

It is my personal recommendation and Mimi also suggests something like it.

So buy now:

Good luck.

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