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10 Creative Ideas to Hide Air Conditioner Unit (Indoor)

Here I will give you some of the creative air conditioner unit covers for your indoor uses so they never attract any dust or increase the AC unit’s heat overflow, which can damage the machine in the long run.

Just choose one from the ideas below, and your AC will run like water for years to come.

1. Get a Stylish Cabinet

A special and stylish cabinet or a bookshelf that has some openings for ventilation can be a perfect choice for your AC unit.

With this, you will not only hide your AC unit but also create a good display area for your room as the cabinet will shine if you put some books on the shelves.

Just make sure you do not clutter it or the effort will go to waste.

2. Get a Decorative Screen Cover

They also call it the Privacy Screen.

Get a screen with the design you like and that goes with your room interior. Then set it up in a place that does not make it look odd like you have been forced to fit it in the room.

Then once a month clean the dust and your room will look great.

3. Blend The Cover with the Wall

Get a custom-made cover that can blend in with the wall like camouflage.

Or you can set up a wallpaper with a unique pattern to make it vanish until you come close to it.

I know the idea is not that easy to set up but it’s a good one if you can find the right camouflage design for it.

4. Build a Vertical Garden

I love this idea as it is live and natural.

This vertical garden is also called the living wall. They create a stunning visual appeal in the room if you set up the right plant here with a combination of flowers and green plants.

Just make sure to clean the surroundings once a week and the AC unit will go unnoticed.

5. Transform it into a Canvas

Get a readymade and eye-catching canvas painting for your wall to hide the AC unit.

Every time you enter the room the painting will shine and you will be amazed without even noticing what is behind it.

People use it for decoration and they do the job perfectly and hide anything and also improve the aesthetics of the room.

6. Hang Curtains as a Cover

Curtain is also a great option to hide the indoor air conditioner unit as they provide proper ventilation and are easy to set up.

Just choose a good fabric with a good design and hang it in a way that makes it look like a decor design, not something you have made to cover up some dark secrets. Okay!

7. Disguise with Your Vintage Trunk

If you have a trunk in your basement then you can use it to hide the AC unit.

Place the trunk in front of the AC unit and make sure the air can flow smoothly.

The trunk will create a vintage decor design in your room and no one will notice what is beneath it.

8. Buy a Sliding Panel

Sliding panels are also used to hide not only one AC unit but also the water heater and other home equipment.

All you need to do is buy one and install it in front of the machine. Yes, people will know that there is something behind it but it does the job.

And one more thing choose the frosted glass for complete privacy.

9. Get a Floating Shelve

If you know a bit of decor then you may have come across these floating shelves. It is an amazing decor idea on the wall to blend anything in the room.

Install a few sets of these shelves above the AC unit and people will not notice it as the shelves will be the attraction point, not the AC.

10. Get a Simple Room Divider

The final idea is that you get a simple wooden or vinyl room divider to hide the air conditioning unit.

It has space or airflow and can go along with any interior design as it always adds a touch of elegance to the room.

Last Words

So these are the best indoor air conditioner unit thing ideas that I can give you. Yes, there are many but these will improve the aesthetics of your room and help reduce your workload. So choose one and relax.

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