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10 Best DIY Garbage Disposal Cleaning Ideas

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So here are some of the best garbage disposal cleaning DIY ideas that you can use to clean it at home in a few minutes.

Yes, like everyone, we also neglect the garbage disposal and never clean it until it becomes too messy and releases too much odor, or sometimes a blockage happens.

But not anymore, here I will give you a few practical tips to clean your garbage disposal and maintain its optimal performance year after year.

Garbage Disposal Cleaning DIY Ideas

Okay, first get your rubber gloves on, clean the area and the things beside it, and then start the process. 

Also, be careful and do not damage the machine by overdoing anything. So here are your garbage disposal cleaning ideas.

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1. Throw Ice Cubes in There

Throw Ice Cubes in There

Throw a few ice cubes into the disposal and turn the machine on. The grinding action of the ice will remove any food particles that are stuck in there. 

It will effectively clean the blades in one shot. Repeat the process once more if you feel the disposal needs a bit more cleaning.

2. Mix Salt and Ice

Mix Salt and Ice

If using only an ice cube does not help, then you can use salt with it. Similarly, throw an ice cube and salt together and let the machine run for a few seconds.

The combination of salt and ice cube is a killer of dirt and debris and will clean everything in there in a few seconds. Try it.

3. Use Boiling Water with Dish Soap

Use Boiling Water with Dish Soap

If the salt and ice cube did not work and you still have dirt in there, then use dish soap with hot water. 

Start the hot tap water in the sink for a few seconds. Then, squirt a few drops of dish soap into the disposal, 

Now, turn on the disposal while the hot water is running. So that it can effectively clean the machine. You can also use detergent instead of soap. Both work fine.

4. Use Baking Soda with Vinegar

Use Baking Soda with Vinegar

If you want a stronger solution then mix baking soda with vinegar and use it like soap and water. 

First, throw some baking soda in the disposal and then one cup or less vinegar in it to create a mixture.

Let the mixture sit and soak for a few minutes before running water and turning the garbage disposal on. 

The combination of baking soda and vinegar will eliminate bacteria and odors in there.

5. Use Sour Fruits as Cleaner

Use Sour Fruits as Cleaner

Throw some sour fruit peels in there. like orange or lemon and turn on the machine.

The natural oils present in these fruits will help eliminate unpleasant odors and create a fresh scent in there. 

These fruits are sour and acidic and will clean your garbage disposal. 

However, it is not applicable to a jammed garbage disposal that you have never cleaned before. 

Use it if you clean your disposal at least twice a month. Keep that in mind.

6. Use a Toothbrush

Use a Toothbrush

You may have noticed that sometimes the blades of the garbage disposal get hold of debris that may disturb the machine from functioning.

So, to clean them effectively, use an old toothbrush dipped in soap water, or vinegar and rub it on the blades to remove any stubborn dirt. 

It is very effective in cleaning the garbage disposal if all the above ideas fail. It is a kind of manual work.

7. Get a Garbage Disposal Cleaning Product

Get a Garbage Disposal Cleaning Product

Your final resort is to buy garbage disposal clothing products that are available in the market. 

Just follow the instructions according to the manufacturer to effectively clean and remove odor from your garbage disposal.

8. Do Regular Maintenance

garbage disposal repair
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Remember to do regular maintenance of your garbage disposal. Do it at least once a week to prevent any debris buildup in there and maintain its optimal performance year after year.

9. Reinstall the Machine

garbage disposal DIY clean
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10. Get a Garbage Can Cleaning Liquid

clog garbage disposal
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My Recommendations

Get one of these garbage disposal cleaning items and make your machine alive again in no time.

Last Words

So there you go. Here are your garbage disposal cleaning DIY ideas to make the machine like new again.

So ensure that your garbage disposal remains in good condition and remove any potential issues that may arise in the future. Good luck.

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