Can You Paint Over Rust

How to Paint Over Rust Metal

So how to paint over rust metal? I will show you how in just five simple steps as a beginner.

But first, know that painting anything over rust is not easy, and if you do not follow the precautions explained here, your paint and effort may go to waste.

But before you start the paint right away go to our nearest hardware store and buy these things. So that you can finish the work faster than ever. Here is your buying list for painting.

  • A wire brush to clean the surface.
  • Sanding block or sandpaper to make it smooth.
  • A power drill if required.
  • A good quality cloth or plastic to collect all those rusts.
  • Some detergent to wash it.
  • Paintbrush, sprayer, or roller for painting.
  • Rust neutralizer to remove the rust directly.
  • Rust-resistant primer.
  • Rust-resistant paint with the color you want.

All these tools may not be required for your particular work, but most of them will. Select what you need, and then buy them from the store. You can also order them online.

spray paint over rust
metal rust painting

How to Paint Over Rust Metal at Home?

Now let’s learn how to paint over rust and secure the metal for a long time. Once again, it’s not easy, but you can do it as a beginner.

how to paint over rusted metal

1. Prepare the Rust Metal for Paint

How to paint over a rust metal

Now follow these steps as stated below.

  • Start your work in a well-ventilated area with a protective mask.
  • Lay a plastic below to collect the rust and dirt for recycling.
  • Cover nearby items with a cloth to protect them from over spray. 
  • Now scrub rusted places with a wire brush.
  • Use sandpaper to clean it again.
  • Clean all surfaces thoroughly with lint-free rags (it is a microfiber cloth that picks up lint like a magnet). 
  • Then use detergent with water and let dry. 
  • Cover any other hardware or areas you do not want to paint.

Now the next step. That metal is ready to eat the primer and then the color.

2. Use the Primer First

Use the metal paint Primer First

A primer is designed to seal a surface and provide a smooth paint experience without eating a log of original paint.

Always use a primer before using the original paint. That primer must be an anti-rust primer.

You can choose any primer color you want, but the white primer works the best and gives the original paint more visibility.

Also, dry the primer paint for a few hours before putting in the original paint.

3. Choose an Anti Rust Paint

Choose paint that is anti-rust, rust inhibitor, and rust-resistant paint. The name can be anything, but the purpose must be the same.

Choose an oil-based paint for your metal as oil paint provides a good finish, bonds tightly to metal, and is less likely to fade away anytime soon. 

3. Start Painting The Metal

let the paint dry

Putting the primer is easy.

  • Just use a paintbrush and put it there. But painting takes more effort and carefulness.
  • Shake your paint can and then spray in a steady back-and-forth motion, slightly overlapping each stroke.
  • Apply two light coats after a few minutes difference.

And remember, your primer must be in dry condition, or else the paint will not work as expected.

4. Start the Re-coating

Now let the paint dry according to the manufacturer’s guide, and start the re-coating. As a thumb rule, you should leave it for 24 hours.

If you re-coat too early, it may cause the metal surface to wrinkle, dimple, or bubble. That will reduce its life span. 

Paint Over Rust metal

5. Protect the New Paint

After that, you are done. Now it’s your duty to protect the paint.

To extend the life of your metallic thing, cover it up to keep the moisture away and re-paint after some time (maybe a few years). That is all.

What to Do Before Painting?

What to Do Before Painting

Before you apply new paint on the surface, remove all loose rust pieces using a metal brush or rust remover. Then use a rust-resistant primer and then use the original paint on it. 

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Can You Paint Over Rust

Painting Rust Metal FAQs

FAQ on painting rust

Can I paint over rust metal?

Yes, you can paint the rust metal at home and it is very easy to do so. First, clean the metal, add a primer, apply the paint, re-coat it, and then let it dry. You

What is the best paint for rusty metal?

Oil-based paints work very well in rusty metals. Buy an oil-based paint from a good company like Rustoleum. You can also choose other companies if that is not available to you.

Will the paint protect the metal from rust?

Yes, if you properly clean the metal and then use the anti-rust paint, then yes, it can save your metal for a long time, and also, it will slow down the rust and further protect the metal surface.

paint over rust metal

Last Words

So can you paint over rust? Yes, you can but make sure you follow the proper precautions with the right tools, or else it may not work as you expected. And also protect the paint after putting it there. That will increase the life span of the metal and the paint.

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