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10 Beautiful Window Painting Ideas

In this article, I will share ten eye-catching window painting ideas that you can use to give your windows a fresh look with a little work and cash.

Just arrange all those painting tools ready near you and buy the color you want, then start painting. You can do it at home as a complete beginner.

Ten Best Window Painting Ideas

window painting ideas and designs

All these window painting ideas are unique, and you will not find them near your neighborhood.

I have chosen them carefully keeping in mind that they will fit your house and people will notice them as an eye-catching finish.

1. Paint Your Windows with a Brick Red Color

Amazing Brick Red window paint

The brick red color on the outdoor surface increases the charm of the house in a big way. It seems like it has been there for ages.

It can recreate the look and feel of your home, especially on the outside portion of your window.

window painting ideas

2. Use a Wooden Looking Colour

Fresh Wooden Color in a White Room

I do not think there is a better window painting color than this wooden feel in a white house. It is rich and classy.

But use the color on your table and bed for a better appearance. If you like nature, then this wooden painting is the best painting you need for your room.

window painting wooden

3. Choose a Paint that Goes with Your Mood

Choose Something that Goes with Your Mood

What is a mood color? A moody color is something that gives your home a modern and bold look, like a dark green painting.

But to feel the mood all over the place, you need to paint the color not just on your windows but in every possible place that fits the color.

Not just dark green color, you can choose any color you want according to your mood.

window painting with flowers
Paul BisseggerCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

4. Go for the Bright Orange Color

Bright Orange window painting

Bright orange looks good on the exterior of your window. You may not like it as it is too bright.

But if you want a unique look out of this world, you can go for it. This design is made by the designer Rafe Churchill.

easy window painting ideas

5. Get a Nature Vibe with the Light Green Color

The Nature Room window

Oh, this one is my favorite. If you are a nature lover like me, this natural green will give your house a fresh look.

The color shines in the sunlight, and a few small flower pots beside it will look amazing. Try it. I am sure you will not feel sad about it.

6. Paint Windows According to Your Home Decor

window painting ideas
window design

Now if you are thinking about matching our window painting color with your home decor, this one can be a good choice for you.

And the best thing here is that you do not have to purchase many colors for your home.

If you purchase this paint for your windows, you can use extra paint on a dresser, coffee table, or something to match your windows.

Although, you can choose other colors. But that must match your decor.

7. Create a Matching Blue Painting in the Room

Matching Blue color window paint

Before you try the matching blue make sure your wall paint goes with it. It should not make the view odd. If it does, use the paint.

Buy a curtain, bed sheet, tablecloth, and all the other things in blue to match things up. To me, it looks stunning. But it can cost a bit extra money.

window painting ideas 1

8. Apply a Light Purple Color on Your Windows

Light Purple Widow Painting

Frankly, I do not like purple that much. But this color attracts my eyes as it is visible from far away, like red color.

But it should match your door, or else it may not look the same as you expected.

9. Slate Gray as a Highlighter

Slate Gray window highlighter

Grey is a highlighter design which is pretty close to mat black.

Use it only if you have a whole room or a neighborhood where most paint color is light or white.

It will give your windows a unique look and will attract the eyes. 

window painting blue
Olger Fallas on Flickr

10. Use a Mat Finish with Black Colors

mat Black window color

People also call it Mat Black, and it’s popular in high-class retail showrooms and luxury homes as it is expensive.

But the color looks fantastic. Nowadays mobile phones are also coming in the mat black color as bikes and bicycles. People love the color. You can also try this color out.

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Painting Windows FAQs

window painting FAQs

What paint can I use on windows for a rich look?

For a rich look, use matching blue, or design your windows according to your room decor. Both paints look rich in every way.

What is the best paint for indoor windows?

I prefer the natural green color as it lasts a long and can create a good natural-like vibe in your house.

Which paint is the best for windows?

I would say, choose a wooden paint that gives a wood-like feeling in your house and set up some green plants around it to make it look more natural.

DIy window painting ideas

Last Words

So these are the top ten eye-catching window painting ideas for you from low cost to high. Choose according to your decor, wall color, and the feel you want from the house. 

You can paint this yourself or hire a pro to make the color more profound.

Let me know what you are choosing. I hope this article will help you choose the best color for your windows. See you soon.

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